Tools at the ready

Idiot alert.
Wind flowers ARE not WOOD SORREL . Wind flowers are WOOD ANEMONES.
From now on my days as a botanist are numbered!.
Update on the puppy: Gods Gift has gone and got himself a job. Nine months of being a Thespian in London and Bath.
His dog whispering skills were needed to train the little pup. And given my insane work timetable I wouldn’t be around enough to tickle it, feed it, walk it and sleep with it. SO we’ve had to let this one go.
Sods law, every time we walk we come across another little brown blob.
There is next year, and I’m not giving up.
Thank you for your comments about Watch Wiv Muvver. I’m starting on number 12.
Just come back from the orchard but not before the excitement with the police.

I’d just driven to PLAWHATCH to get my raw milk, yoghurt and organic veg, and turned into our road. At the roundabout a cop car was speeding with it’s blue lights flashing.
Took off my seat belt, to park, and there was a white van outside our drive, a police car, and a dog patrol car. Not to mention the helicopters hovering overhead.
The van had driven up our drive, couldn’t get out the other end, the police had been informed of a gang, were waiting on the road and a suspect had been apprehended – (get a load of my police speak).
Apparently the gang had been nicking stuff out of local garages.
Nothing to fear, although Gods Gift, being old and deaf misunderstood our next door neighbour.
‘They’ve been robbing some tools.” said J.
‘Blimey’ said the old git, when he came in. ‘Must be serious stuff, they’ve been nicking from St. Pauls.’
I am trading him in for a new one half his age…..