Wind flowers

So I realised that when a blogger blogs they need to be accurate.
I have been merrily running past the little white flowers believing them to be aconite.
They are crowding the verges and filling the hedgerows. They are NOT ACONITE.
They are WIND FLOWERS aka WOOD SORREL. So there. Just in case you thought i did only talk a load of bull. Whatever they are called they are divine little white 6 petaled flowers with pinky backs.
relieved I put that right.
So now, dear all,
Finally after weeks of resting Miss de Mina is back.
Watch wiv muvver is up and running and waiting for you to please share.
I don’t know how to share properly, coming as I do from a deeply selfish culture, but I trust that you do.
So do me a favour and Make Miss D into a virus with her potty politics 11.

thanks in advance.
Jeni b
Miss De Mina’s agent.

3 thoughts on “Wind flowers”

  1. Darling Jeni
    Beware the thespian! He’s getting more and more lines!!
    Love the latest episode it so makes me smile. Great writing.
    Much love

  2. You’re too funny Jen. Miss you on TV. The Good Food network has become just another network. I watched as much for your wit and sparkle as I did for the recipes. (Sigh) and they call this progress? (Further sigh with curly bits around the edges for emphasis and embellishment) sic transit gloria mundi. X

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