Death at the Ritz

I have finally mowed the lawn.
Cleared the woodshed.
My mothers three plants have just about survived the coldest of times. although I’m not too happy about the Rosemary.
I have taught the old man how to make soup, and by gum he’s good at it, we’ve been dining off Squash soup with turmeric and chili.
Last night I bought up a whole Italian meal from Camisa in Soho. The dawter and I drove home and five of us dug into – artichokes,zucchini, aubergine and freshly made pastas.
Not to mention the best Italian Jammy Dodgers ever.

The huge block of Parmisan is sitting in the fridge ready for grating, or is it shaving?
My feet are cold but I am still alive.
I try and get to this blog but I have so much fiddling & farting around to do that by the time I’m ready to write I’m falling asleep over the computer.
Whilst pruning the dead plants my next door neighbour came running into the garden to tell me about Mrs Thatcher’s death.
Watching footage from the 80’s made me cry. Watching the pain of the miners, watching the excesses of the bankers. When the Tories got in I had just started working in television,big shoulders were all the rage, and WALL STREET was the hit film. Over the years we watched mobiles get smaller and communities die.
The politicians don’t get it right. Isn’t it time we all stood up and spoke of humanitarianism. Of Justice and compassion. Isn’t it time we chose egalitarianism over elitism. Cos the divide between the ‘thems-that-have’ and the ‘thems-that- have-not’ is getting so wide that we’ll all fall down the chasm.
Today, I can’t say anything that the pundits haven’t already said. From Russell Brand to Andrew Marr everybody has their own opinions about The Iron Lady.
An old lady of 87 died lonely in a fancy hotel in London. Neither of her children beside her. She reaped what she sowed. Coming to the end of a life without friends or family. Her own big society having dwindled and shrunk to but one carer and a heap of flunkies.
May she rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “Death at the Ritz”

  1. Dear Jeni
    You’ve expressed perfectly what this Old Leftie has been feeling. Your final paragraph is so sad and true.
    Capitalism and Communism haven’t worked, we need something new along the lines you describe.

  2. May each of us have loving ones next to us during our last hour.
    But life can be very tricky, so we never know how and where we shall end up.
    May Lady Thatcher rest in peace!

  3. Hi Jeni, really like your Sunday morning shows. Todays 14/04/13 was particularly interesting and I aim to join the natural voice choir, which is near where I live.
    Totally agree with the comments in your blog
    10/04/13 about Margaret Thatcher and humanity. Very odd she was living in the Ritz since December? Shame that we now have a new generation that do not understand what happened back then between the classes.
    In certain camps Maggie is receiving credit for many of the big changes.
    Best Wishes Janice x

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