Snarky Puppy Pace

No need for an alarm any more since I wake early enough to decide whether to stay in bed or get up in the dark. This morning I awoke at 7.07. Didn’t hear the rain, but decided to meditate first anyway.
I sat cross legged with Gods Gift lightly snoring beside me.
By 8.04 I had on thermal leggings, socks, sweater, yellow anorak – B’s trendy one – over which I put a massive blue anorak. I looked like the Honey Bear Monster.
The hood of the anorak is one that rolls up and gets zipped into the collar. I unrolled it and pulled it over my head, jamming my glasses and trapping my own head with my headphones. By the time I was ready, with purple gloves to boot – or should I say to hand – the rain was shooting out of the sky, on a slant, with just enough attitude to freeze what piece of face I had showing.
I took the back road.

Hedges cut, golf course sodden, banks of the stream busted, by the time I got to the second bend the water was too deep for me to cross so I turned round, retraced my steps and turned left towards the Twillage.
SNARKY PUPPY played loud into my headphones. First track perfect for a simple jog, second track great for a bouncy walk. You could say allegro and andante, or you could say jogging and walking pace.
Past the school, past the little post office past the house of a thousand lights, only there was nary a 40 watt let alone a hundred watt in sight. Maybe the double dip has hit them. And then up to the primary school, past the pub on the left and down the hill. The cars were backing up as kids were being dropped off at the school gates. By the end of the album I was walking like the Honey Monster. My shoulders going backwards and forwards like a Bay City Rollers fan.. I couldn’t careless what I looked like, only I realised that when I started to belt out the trombone riff it was a little too much for the infants. I changed to Ry Cooder. Now there’s a man;
Jimbo and I saw him at The Hammersmith Apollo, back in the day when my dungarees were new and black male backing vocalists were an innovation.
Took my hood and headphones off for the last leg and let the rain soak into my scalp and ears for the last thirty minutes.
It’s now 10.30. It’s to the shops to buy the last few gifts, then The Noel Coward Theatre tonight to see PRIVATES ON PARADE, before which China Town to eat Hundred Year Old Eggs in my fave Chinese Restaurant.
Last day of the world tomorrow so I may just pig out on some crispy duck and noodles. Come on we only live once…..or do we?

3 thoughts on “Snarky Puppy Pace”

  1. WELL here we are. Still spinning on the mothership. The third rock from the sun. What a frigging surprise that was. Some folk around the world have spent huge sums on underground bunkers and so forth. Waiting for the alien taxi. They must be feeling like the chief phallus today.
    Although these bunkers are generating big business now.
    Is there anything now that’s not about making a fast buck or a fast f fornication.
    Who would want to be the last few left behind to pick up the pieces and run out of food.
    The only good thing about that is imagine having the M25 all to yourself, or whats left of it, with no speed limit – the mother of all fantasies..
    This has maddened me. Some ‘spiritual’ circles had charged a fee to access livestreaming events for anchoring or accessing source energy. That means divine light. What next? Bottled unicorn pizz for use in the shower to speed up the enlightenment process. Many of them will be at home now counting their prophets – Kerching$$$
    It has infuriated me.
    To me it’s on a par with the preacher/pastor undermining the esteem of his congregation by reminding us all what a bunch of sniveling sinners we all are. And by the way – put your money in the box on the way out. Bless you child..
    I don’t think these would have been the message of the Christ. It’s one man/woman’s interpretation versus another.
    So welcome to the new era.
    When you feel or see the authentic – the integrity. Let’s honour it. It is after all, all around us. It’s in nature. The animal kingdom has it. It’s in a strangers warm smile #mostly!# It’s still everywhere.
    I’ve just watched Goddess Joanna Lumley – search for Noah’s Ark. Fabulous woman. One of my heroines.
    Anyhow let’s have a happy Christmas. If not let’s just make the best of it. I’m off to jingle some little bells now.
    Rhianon – hope your ok girlie.
    love light

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