Talk to me….

I have loadsa music on my smart phone. I travelled back from London listening to Sax Appeal. All riffy and raunchy. Makes the journey go by in a flash..
After doing the Evening Standard crossword I was thinking about the BBC Sunday show, I have just one more before 2013, and then?
This time last year I had a Christmas card from the boss congratulating me on a great first year.
This year my pigeon hole is empty….. well it had loads of cards from you and even presents….maybe the beleaguered BBC bosses have their hands full.
So here is where the 2013 campaign begins.
We need your telephone numbers and topics you want to talk about so that we can shape the show around you.
Anything from parenting to money.
Any kind of chat you like from money to work.
Any sort of rant from your health to the NHS.
Anything you want to chew the fat about on a Sunday morning from eating to cooking from shopping to craftwork.
You lot have a lot to say so say it to me on a SUNDAY MORNING, at BBC LONDON 949. Love, relationships, family, bereavement, regrets, age, nostalgia, London life.
We’ll call you back , and we will make it fun.
You can tell that Esther has poked her fingers into my pies, this is all her doing.
But if you think you have a topic that will work on a Sunday morning over your toast and meusli, then lets do it.
I’m winding down now for yuletide, but I’ll remind you again nearer January 6th 2013.
Twenty frigging thirteen doesn’t seem possible!!!!

1 thought on “Talk to me….”

  1. Dear Jeni, in response to your request for ideas for the show how about:
    1)What became of…celebs, actors etc who haven’t been seen for some time.
    2)Feature another town/city outside London asking people to ring in with details about their town.
    3)School days – the 50s,60s,70s and how things have changed. Games we used to play in the playground.
    4)Royal family in today’s modern society.
    5)One minutes fiction: Ask listeners to write stories that take one minute to read out.
    6)Financial tips, household tips, lifestyle tips.
    Love your show, happy new year to you Jeni. Tish.

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