The Jubilee has caused major rifts in the framily.
Money versus entitlement.
Sentimentality versus brainwashing.
Insensitivity versus Patriotism.
Party pooping versus collective catharsis.
Them versus us.
Whitewashing versus National pride.
Media pressure versus mass outpouring.
And so it goes on.
Lifelong friends argue whether a flotilla of boats is worth crying over.
Lifelong confidantes sewing their mouths up in case they offend.
What is to be done?
I flashed my BBC badge to get over Hungerford Bridge.
I waited as trains backed up on The Jubilee line – ironic – and was jostled by flag waving Britishers wearing shorts and huge grins.
I was poked in the eye by an umbrella near Charing Cross and slapped on the back by a bearer of good tidings holding a Sun newspaper.
People are loving the four day Jubilee jubilations, tonight Cliff Richard and Dame Shirl, will sing to an invited crowd in the Mall.
Tomorrow there will be a fly past and then on Wednesday the clear up starts.
My oldest friend said she was ashamed to have enjoyed it so much. I’m ashamed that I haven’t.

1 thought on “Jubileeeeeeeeeeeeations”

  1. Dear Jeni
    Don’t be ashamed, I didn’t enjoy it much either, why should I? So much privilege when others are so desperately in need.

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