Brighton Bunting

I can smell the soup.
Onions and garlic.
Chinese cabbage.
5 green chilies.
2 Courgettes.
Sweated, boiled, simmered, zzuzzhed.
We were going to see ‘Prometheus’, or ‘Men in Black’, but three star reviews have put me off.
So, as the rain falls, we’ll stay in, eat the soup and watch a bit of something.
Went to see my mother this morning. She cried when she saw Jim because he reminds her of her father.
We left when the bunting came out.

1 thought on “Brighton Bunting”

  1. Well bunting or no bunting, it was a breathtaking pr job for UK plc. regardless of royal opinion. I was dazzled and thrilled by the pageantry. I felt like a five year old sometimes, and wanted to jump up and down with excitement. I’m not saying if i did actually jump up and down or not! But i do wash my own brain. It’s all theatre and curtain call. And the concert was fantastic.
    I wonder if you happen to see ‘All the queen’s horses, with the french horse whisperer – Jean Francois Pignon. His horses are unbridled, no restraints no chastisement. They work together out of love trust and respect. Just beautiful. That to me is what makes the blood royal, …and he’s french..
    There has been an air of goodwill and joy the last few days. A chance in its own right to purge some of the collective misery hanging over us.
    Today, wednesday, the transit of venus occurred. A lot of the darkness is going to start lifting. Let’s raise a glass to that!
    Love the Light LV

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