can I just say that you – and you all know who you are -are so very kind to me. Thank you for your support it really touches me. x

rain rain go away come again some other day.

I had an appointment at 1.00. Critical I got there punctually. The rain had steamed up the inside of my little red car. I was lulled into some kind of trance. Chopin playing on the radio. I drove past the Bromley turn off. The road did not feel familiar. I came too and I was … Read more

Brighton Bunting

I can smell the soup. Onions and garlic. Chinese cabbage. Parsley. Basil. 5 green chilies. 2 Courgettes. Sweated, boiled, simmered, zzuzzhed. We were going to see ‘Prometheus’, or ‘Men in Black’, but three star reviews have put me off. So, as the rain falls, we’ll stay in, eat the soup and watch a bit of … Read more


The Jubilee has caused major rifts in the framily. Money versus entitlement. Sentimentality versus brainwashing. Insensitivity versus Patriotism. Party pooping versus collective catharsis. Them versus us. Whitewashing versus National pride. Media pressure versus mass outpouring. And so it goes on. Lifelong friends argue whether a flotilla of boats is worth crying over. Lifelong confidantes sewing … Read more