Hair raising.

I have malachite water, salty water and eyebright water on my bathroom window sill. I am trying whatever I can to make this eye better. I have homeopathic remedies, hospital letters, Dartford healers and a box of tissues. I am not giving up. This eye will be bright before Garfunckle can sing ‘Brighteyes’ I have … Read more

Ladles at dawn

We have green grass.
We have white snowdrops.
We have ferns and trees and lots of little seedy balls hanging about the place which the birds are nibbling on.
I can see all these things because the snow has melted. Finally I can leave the cottage in my slippers without sinking into snow drifts.
The snow has supported my cupboard clearing, photo organising and gew-gaw throwing. Now its time to get on with life so –
Today we drove to Brighton.

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Fond Farewells.

I’m still crunching on the snow.
A five minute drive into TWells and you could be forgiven for thinking that the snow was just a figment of my fertile imagination.
Massive thanks to LV for your info on malachite. I was indeed doing it wrong. Love to all of you who keep posting me and hello to some of my bloggers who have been absent.
This evening I’m continuing to trawl through years and years of photos.
I have a box for my mother.
A box for the three of us.
A box of duds when we all looked ill
And a box of professional snaps.
Hardly groundbreaking news but there’s something about the time which means I have to clear and throw.
The national news is a drip feed of agonising terror and yet more exposes of naughty journos, so whats new!

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The snow is crunchy under my wellies. I leave the house and walk to the studio, through the garden, pull off my wellies put on my slippers that Lozzie bought me for the flat, turn the radiator up, switch on my SAD lamp, and settle down to work.
My studio is a very warm, comfortable space.
This morning I drove very slowly to Chilston Clinic to see if they could help with my eye. They did. I have been doing whatever it takes to stop me having to have an operation in March.
On Saturday I suspended two malachite crystals in a bottle of water. I put the bottle inside another big glass of water.
The reason for two bottles is that malachite can be toxic if it is too strong.
I left it on the garden table for 24 hours.
The liquid is meant to have the properties of the malachite which is good for me eyeball I’m told!!!
The snow came. The water froze. The bottle cracked. I know the ice made it expand but I thought about my ‘O’ level science too late.
I’ve put out another bottle of water, with the crystals, in a stronger jar, even though John Kettley says its still ever so cold. If they crack this time I’ll wait for the big freeze.

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Yesterday we arrived at my mothers flat at 1.00. God’s Gift drove us, we both had bellies full of porridge, he with milk me with water. We didn’t eat again until 6.30 when I bought a bag of Cheese and something Kettle crisps. By the last handful my lips were sticking together and I had … Read more