The snow is crunchy under my wellies. I leave the house and walk to the studio, through the garden, pull off my wellies put on my slippers that Lozzie bought me for the flat, turn the radiator up, switch on my SAD lamp, and settle down to work.
My studio is a very warm, comfortable space.
This morning I drove very slowly to Chilston Clinic to see if they could help with my eye. They did. I have been doing whatever it takes to stop me having to have an operation in March.
On Saturday I suspended two malachite crystals in a bottle of water. I put the bottle inside another big glass of water.
The reason for two bottles is that malachite can be toxic if it is too strong.
I left it on the garden table for 24 hours.
The liquid is meant to have the properties of the malachite which is good for me eyeball I’m told!!!
The snow came. The water froze. The bottle cracked. I know the ice made it expand but I thought about my ‘O’ level science too late.
I’ve put out another bottle of water, with the crystals, in a stronger jar, even though John Kettley says its still ever so cold. If they crack this time I’ll wait for the big freeze.

I loved being at home on Sunday but really missed doing my show. Jo Goode sat in for me, and was so goode I felt all alone and countrified.
However, I had guests who stayed over, we guzzled champagne, nibbled bagels, quaffed yet more and by the time they left on Sunday lunch time I had had my fill of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.
I still have some Thai soup I made and a bowl of rice. Both of which I think Gods Gift will transform into bird food. The Robins are out in force.
Tomorrow I am hosting a SOULFUL CONCERT at St. Brides Church, on FLEET STREET for two charities set up by SISTER SNOG. It starts at 7.30 so if you can make it fab. I’ll see you there.
The ‘oosbind is at his computer, the dawter – who was laid off for two days – is at hers, I’m at mine.
A family who computes together never see each other…..

4 thoughts on “Snowtime”

  1. THERE is so much conflicting information out there Jeni. I would NOT use a malachite crystal elixir for the eyes. It is indeed potentially toxic. Unless your quite confident of what your doing it can be tricky to intuit the right dilution for the crystal your using.
    Also very important – the malachite is supposed to be suspended in the outside container, not the sealed bottled water. Do NOT drink it! It sounds like you’ve got it round the wrong way. In your blog you say you suspended the crystals in the sealed bottle. Taht is the wrong way round! And the water in the outside container will develop a build up of bacteria.
    Dump it! And start again…
    Malachite radiates a powerful suble energy on it’s own without elixir. Just leave out to dry and energise in moonlight. There are some great books on working with crystals. How to bless and programme them and use them properly. Follow your intuition Jeni, not the person who told you use malachite crystal water for your eyes!
    And ther just happens to be a very beautiful and full moon tonight. It’s glorious. Looks like a giant white diamond in the sky.
    Love Light LV

  2. Dear Jeni. firstly may i say that Gordon and I hope you will be able do get your eye back to normal soon as its been kinda weepy for quite a while now hasent it! Its a shame the remedy in the bottle was not cracked up to what it should be (in other words Its A Bloomin shame the bottle cracked!) Sounds like you had a lovely weekend down at the Cottage with your friends there, Well? What are friends for Jeni. i hope they made you feel better! And im sure they did with the Help of Jim and B Bless em!
    I wrote a blog a few days ago and put it on your Back from New York Blog by mistake as i should have done it on your latest. never mind. I guess you may have read it, because Gordon was taken Ill a few days before Christmas and had to spent a week in Kingston Hospital almost bleeding to death as he lost a lot of blood. They did 2 operations one on Christmas eve and the other on Boxing Day and the bleeding stopped and i took him home to Putney Heath on New Years Eve. Gordon felt cold and said he needed to be somewhere warm so i rang Victor at his home in Malibu and 3 days later we flew to LAX in Los Angeles and spent the rest of jan in the warmer climes of sunny California! Everyone at the Malibu Colony fussed over gordon and it cheered him up so much Bless him. He will be 77 years young next december.
    we went to see friends in Beverly Hills. Silverlake Del Mar Long Beach and we had a nice time at the San Diego Zoo and had some lovely meals in Venice beach and Marina Del Rey on a friends Yatcht.
    He came home to London with me End of jan and is getting better every day and i thank God for That! We both wish you a great Success This Year Jeni. and Plenty of old Fashioned GOOD LUCK! My love goes to all Jeni’s Reg Bloggers Hope your all well!and will do well and be Happy in 2012. Much Love to Jeni and family and all you others!
    Terry and Gordon XXXXXXXXXX

  3. I usually do not leave a response, but after looking at through a bunch of responses on Change of address via Always up to something. I actually do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be only me or does it look like a few of these remarks come across as if they are coming from brain dead visitors? And, if you are writing on other places, I’d like to keep up with you. Could you make a list of all of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

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