Hair raising.

I have malachite water, salty water and eyebright water on my bathroom window sill. I am trying whatever I can to make this eye better.
I have homeopathic remedies, hospital letters, Dartford healers and a box of tissues.
I am not giving up.
This eye will be bright before Garfunckle can sing ‘Brighteyes’
I have dealt with my admin and am in the process of packing up B’s life to take her back to Bethnal Green tonight.
One down, one to go. The ‘oosbind leaves on March 18th for three months. I then have no excuses left.
I will be alone.
In the cottage.
With the cat.
And the big bed to myself.
I will have silence.
I will have no cooking, cleaning or conversation.
I will have so much time on my hands that I have no reason not to write my second bestseller. But what of the first I hear you ask.
It’s in the hands of the angels.
I’m off now for a salad and moan. The sun is shining in through the window whilst Gods Gift looks for lodgings in Northampton.
Yesterday I pre-recorded an Interview with LORNA BYRNE she of ANGELS IN YOUR HAIR.
I cried and left uplifted.
Her latest book is a blue hard-back, with a scroll and feathers etched into the front cover. It’s called a MESSAGE OF HOPE for all, you may enjoy it.
I then had lunch at ‘The Groucho Club’. I ate so much and quaffed so much champagne that the mere thought of it makes my hair follicles stand on end.
Bernie Katz is awful but I like him……

3 thoughts on “Hair raising.”

  1. OH that’s great, i’ll look forward to your chat with lovely Lorna Byrne.
    I think i missed your last interview with her on a different station in radio wonderland. I’ve read lots about her, i think she is blessed with the gift of seeing the light of peoples guardian angels. How wonderful.
    I wish more people were open minded to these things, because it actually is not about religion. Everyone has a guardian angel no matter what they do or don’t believe in. The religion doesn’t matter, people matter.
    I don’t have the extent of her wonderful gift, but i do see light in and around people, but it’s their own aura or energy field.
    I see the malachite is back then! You’ll get there, you will get this thing sorted.
    Love Light LV

  2. Dear Jeni. So you will soon be Home Alone! Well why dont you get the old hunting rifle & put it just inside the front door then get on the couch and you can read or watch TV or listen to your favourite sounds on your iPhone or the stereo or open a window and be entertained by God’s free chorus the lovely birds chirping or twittering and please Jeni if the birds are too loud just close that window and dont reach for the rifle to silence them OK!. I hope B is getting used to the new flat and the wall unit is finally in situ after Jim having to take it apart at Homebase.
    I do hope that your mum is going Great Guns down in Brighton at the home and i pray that she will soon get used to it and get to like it there as this would be a weight off your mind Jeni!
    Sorry ive not been blogging for a few days but ive been up in Nottingham on a friends boat and it was so cold and the central heating boiler broke down and we lit the old pot belly stove for a few days which was fun to sit round drinking various bevs and putting the world to rights! Gordon is fully recovered from that scare at Christmas and being at the Hospital in Kingston, and the California Sun certainly helped him recover , but he has an awful pain in his left leg thats getting worse and his doc dosent seem to want to bother about it, I demanded he do something and Gordon will have an Ultrasound Scan on his Leg at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Roehampton on 16th March so i hope that they will find what is causing him the Pain when he walks and then do something about it. I keep getting e mails and texts from my friend who works in a beachside hotel in Tel Aviv and he has been sunbathing on the beech there most days and swimming and surfing. It makes me wish for the summer to come after all the cold weather. Love to you and your Family Jeni and good Luck to Jim with his new role! And Love to all your Regular Bloggers who know me Too Hope March will be better for you all than Feb was ! Cheers and Love from Terry xxx

  3. Jeni,
    this eye of yours, that no-one seems to be able to cure!
    I had a weeping eye when I was at university in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa) some long ages ago. I was sent to a lady opthalmologist who proceeded to push a long needle down my tear-duct. I could feel it running down alongside my nose. Admittedly I did feel a bit woozy after she had extracted it but my eye stopped weeping after that. I could actually feel the relief of my lachrymal fluid running o the back of my throat.
    I trust somebody has tried that, good luck as it has been going on for a long time now and your surrounding eye must be awfully painful!

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