Tool strain

I am covered in scratches from the rose climber at the ned of the garden
First I used a saw like lumberjacks use.
Then I used a saw that I could hold – have had to shower the saw dust from my hair, and my fingers aren’t working properly from holding the tool.
Too all the ladies in Stanstead. I mix and match my lippy and my tops come from everywhere but mostly ROLANDAS in Battersea Square.
I am flattered that you could be bothered to write to my agent for the details…..
I am now going to make supper if I can use a knife, my hands have gone all wibbly wobbly

4 thoughts on “Tool strain”

  1. Bed time reading!!!! I took you to bangkok, Bombay and am hoping to take you to LA on Saturday. I’ve missed the daily blogs. Where have you been? However the last one was hysterical! You looked fab on This Morning again the other day.
    To be honest I never used to like The Whale much, but because he is nice to you. He is warming to me.
    We miss you too on Lbc. But most of your loyal fans don’t listen to it much anyway. Since you have gone, what’s the point??
    I’ve just been down to the folks in East Sussex for a few days.
    It’s such a gorgeous part of the
    Me and the dog on long walks. You can’t beat it.
    I’ve even found a tree that I would love to hug, however not plucked up the courage yet! But one day I will…
    Anyway darling. Glad you are all well. Lots of love. Trolly dolly. Xx

  2. Hi Jeni. I am writing this on a pc in the kurverwaltung in Sunny Bad Salzuflen where im on my German holiday. Its been great all the bier the food and so much cheaper than England HaHa! my Room with breakfast thrown in is only 16 euro per nite. Amazing isnt it! The Kur Park is so peaceful! I can just see you here Jeni relaxing by the musical fountains with your glass of sect the music from the Konzerthalle is so lovely. Ive walked my feet off in the obernburg and assenburg forest . i shall look forward to using my own pc to read your lovely blog Jeni when i fly home tommorow nite from hannover. Im sending you Jeni and your faithfull bloggers lots of LOVE aus Bad Salzuflen. take good care Jeni and family and all you others. Love Terry xxx

  3. Hmm, Gardening gloves, long sleeves and a pruning saw ! hope the scratches have healed. We are home now. Love to all xxhugxx

  4. Thanks Rhiannon I’ve been here I promise read every one but been really bust doing 3 plays at the same time so not much time to comment! Jeni can you sort out BBC London and get them on Sky I miss listening to you, my laptop doesn’t do things very well!
    Much love to you, BB (still waiting for my EP# and Jim #when do I get to see you acting again?)
    Marmite xx

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