June 5th.

A huge demonstration in Hyde Park, commemorating the Massacre of Sikhs in 1984 filed past me. The old, the young, the bearded and the bejewelled, marched under the huge trees.
I cried as swathes of orange turbaned people marched together.
Old women leading the chanting reminding us that the Amritsar massacre saw hundreds of innocent women and children being shot in cold blood, whilst the Sikh prisoners were tied with their own turbans and then shot in the head.
The Army invasion of the Golden Temple left 10,000 pilgrims dead and 30,000 people homeless
Is it not time for us to stop the inhumanity of shortsighted people who are too scared to share the land with others? Some would say its the bi-product of an overcrowded planet. I say let us live in harmony and let Mother Nature do her thing….

I loved this mornings show, Dominic Frisby was my newspaper man, he’s witty, funny and everso good at accents, which is what we talked about.
Then we talked about ‘Donor Unknown’ a documentary about sperm donors. Jo Ellen Marsh who features in the film, came into the studio and talked about tracking down her father number 150.
A more articulate 20 year old I have yet to meet. She did find him, and 13 of her known siblings, it raises all sorts of questions about identity and honesty. It’s a fiendishly interesting film.
Then Gina Yashere shouted at us for fifteen minutes about life as a comedienne in LA.
Finishing with the delectable Matthew Kelly talking about LEND ME A TENOR.
I left knackered yet satisfied. Walked slowly, in my fit-flops to Sloane Street and picked up the No 19. I kept nodding off. It’s now 14.45 and I will have a nap before going out with The Barry to see Gina in the Udderbelly tent on the South Bank tonight.
I am back sitting in for Vanessa next week, so I fully expect you to be there.
This morning I was picked up by KARBUL a young Afghan driver. I had no idea there was a huge Afghan community living in Neasden all of whom, according to Karbul, listened to me on LBC.
Now I can reveal that I did not want to go from LBC I was pushed by a man who himself has been relieved of his duties. So for all of you who continually phoned, and were fobbed off, I did not go of my own volition, which several of you were told. I loved my job there and it was naughty of the departed boss to lie about my departure. I was not ill, I did not choose to go, I was surplus to requirements. So to all of my lovely loyal fans, I really, really miss you too.
And to all my Afghan fans. Hiya, join me at the BBC on 94.9 and we can pick up where we left off.
If Karbul is reading this give your mum my love!
And to all of you catch ya later…..

2 thoughts on “June 5th.”

  1. Hi darling Jeni. What a fab show today. You are on form lady and made me laugh out loud on the cross trainer in the gym whilst listening to you. Brilliant!!
    I only got a couple of shows last week as I was away on a trip in Bangkok and didn’t have my computer with me to listen to you.
    I think a lot of us were led to believe
    by Lbc that you decided to leave. However we all know how much you
    loved that job and turned that whole
    afternoon slot around.
    What a load of old Codswallop Lbc talk sometime.
    I don’t meant be horrible about anyone but Petrie lasted 2 minutes on your slot and Julia Hartley brewer sounds like she has a permanent cold. Poor lamb!!! get a tissue lady!!
    BBC LONDON 94.9 Is the way
    forward. Lbcs bosses must mad!! What a shame but what a marvel that you are back with us on the waves. Let’s forget them and hear more of you.
    Although you and James on This Morning sofa did work well together. You can handle him. Which is what he likes!! Love always. Hear you tomorrow love. Biggest xxxx

  2. Couldn’t agree more – marvellous that you are back on the airwaves. I’m just sorry that we can’t podcast your show as I’ve missed all the Vanessa stand-in fortnight (can’t bear that woman) and although I know I can ‘listen again’ it’s so much easier to podcast, download to the ipod, get under the duvet and listen in bed. Bit tricky with the computer! Please auntie beeb, can’t we have much more podcasting?
    Onwards Jeni, love your blogs too

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