Lend me a Tenor….

23.39 Saturday night, the air is balmy and I have three days of journals to write, accounts to do, and some sleep to fit in before tomorrows show.
Today has been, like the rest of last week, as busy as B’s.
I have loved sitting in for Vanessa. I am doing another week this week, I hope it’s as much fun.
I’ve had an assortment of female producers, pregnant ones, married ones, single ones and all perfectly suited to making my life, and the show, fabulous.
They get in an hour before me, scour the newspapers then throw the stories at me. I panic, they get the guests. I panic they get the calls. I panic they get the tea, by noon we are all talked out and ready for an afternoon nap. They, however, continue to work their gorgeous butts off whilst I walk back to the flat or do whatever needs to be done.

This week I interviewed ‘walkit.com’ a brilliant idea. You ask for a route from A-B and ‘walkit.com’ work out the shortest way by Shankes pony, give you the milage, the calorie count and the will to live.
I now know that one of my chosen routes is 3.5 miles long and uses up over three hundred calories….
But I am discovering Mayfair, Hyde Park, Pimlico and flags. Every time I walk through Belgravia past all the embassies I try and memorise another fluttering country. Who knew that Bahrain had a red and white flag that looks like mountain peaks….
I have walked so much this week – feels quite like old times – that I’m sure I am three inches smaller. But I even managed to get to the cottage and go for my diabetic blood test. The daft nurse, who took my blood nearly ten days ago, messed up the phial with the glucose count in so we didn’t get the most important reading but the good news is that all my figures are down and I am in very good shape. Hurrah for greens…..
I took the chuffa train back into Clapham Junction and walked in the Sarf East air to the flat.
Today, 25 degrees and counting, the old git, and daughter accompanied me to a family party in Hertfordshire. I sat on a lounger whilst the Pimms was poured and the jerk chicken juggled between sausages and burgers. Salads, nibbles and sensational strawberry pavlova took pride of place in my belly, alongside a sparse breakfast of a white grapefruit, I must have known I was going to be stuffed full of naughty niceties…..
We drove back into town, intending to get to the flat and grab a 19 to the theatre, but the traffic was rubbish, so we turned round and parked in Wardour Street.
Gods Gift made such a pigs ear of the phone parking that by the time the operator called him back it cost 88p, if he had carried on pressing all the wrong buttons they would have ended up giving us money.
Four of us went to see LEND ME A TENOR with Matthew Kelly and a cast of superb musical actors.
I cried, gods Gift cried, the audience cheered and B and her friend were pleasantly surprised.
It’s a fine show of farce and wit, a gloriously silly musical for people with a discerning pallet and some spare cash. the West End aint cheap but this is one show you wont feel you have wasted your money on.
The night is still warm so I have the french doors open and the peanut butter at the ready as its too late to cook. I am alone since my family have deserted me for East southern Cottages.
But it has been a lovely day including a sit down at ‘Groucho’s’, for a pre show drink, on a big red settee, realising that now I am a member I can slouch on the couch whenever I like.
ah! The perks of age and nude bargaining…..

2 thoughts on “Lend me a Tenor….”

  1. dear jeni
    sorry to hear about the diabetes. happened to me a few years ago as well. you probably know, but sadly we have to beware of the grapefruit. if you are taking any meds for the diabetes, apparently there is something in grapefruit that does not mix with meds. i am a big grapefruit fan, but have decided to stop eating it as i don’t want all the hard work i do to control my blood sugar to be undone.
    am enjoying you on radio london.
    all the best
    – aj.

  2. Hi jeni were ladies of the same age as your good self and we all work at stansted airport and we were wondering we love your clothes and your shoes and that beautiful beautiful red lipstick are you able to tell us where it all comes from many thanks
    all at stansted airport essex

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