No excuses

Tuesday and I’ve just got locked into Aston and Cameron being romantically involved in Las Vega.
If I were Demi I would be ever so slightly perturbed at my husbands antics. Still thats Hollywood for ya.
Today I went on a 55 bus. A jolly good route from Clerkenwell Road right to Wardour Street. After three attempts at food the old git and I ended up in Aldo Zilli’s bar on Brewer Stereet. And very fine it was thank you.
I cannot believe it’s a whole week since I wrote a blog. No excuses – well yes there is an excuse – I have been up to here with everything I have been up to here with.
Since last Wednesday my mother celebrated her 89th birthday, 30 of us nibbled, slurped, laughed and sighed as she accepted her birthday cake made by my lovely cousin Sonia.
Apart from Saturdays blow out, and sitting in for Jo Good which was good fun I love Simon Lederman, it’s been head down time.
The old git has been head down writing.
The daughter has been head down writing.
I have been head down writing.
We’ve all been writing in different places.
In between all that scribbling we ate, drunk and watched the frigging Eurovision schlong contest.
I will get back into the rhythm of blogging again, but for now forgive my absence.
It’s time now for my beauty sleep. See you tomorrow on the sofa with Mr. Schofield and The Whale and the newspapers.

3 thoughts on “No excuses”

  1. Are you on This Morning as a permanent thing? That would be very good. Very good indeed.
    Of course we forgive your absence. It’s not that we hang on your every word, but we do like your company.

  2. Hi darling Jeni,
    Congratulations on your Mum’s birthday, may she be healthy for many years to come.
    Your Sunday show just gets better each week and it’s an inspiration to listen to u. Keep it up!
    Glad u still tune in and listen to The Whale. I’m sure u miss him.
    I didn’t believe u were actually going through with the calander shoot! I thought u were having us on. Very brave and daring of u! Well done! But u looked great – I was that annoying fly buzzing around the room!!
    Keep well Jeni.
    Lots of love,

  3. Hi Jeni,
    Thanks for letting us know about this morning’s show – wonderful to see you again back on the box – you look fantastic! More please.

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