Ears and eyes.

‘This Morning’s’ studio is an add on to the old LWT Towers I knew back in the day.
The first person I saw was a doorman I hadn’t seen for a zillion years, then a researcher who was a Goth and is now fresh faced, a sound man, the director, Philip Schofield, it was lovely to be back in my old stomping ground.
It was truly good to be back on a sofa with the Thames rolling past, Paul Ross next to me and cameras.
It’s not narcissism to say I feel more at home in front of a lens than I do in front of a fire. But I have spent more years on a telly sofa than I have my own. It was lovely to be invited back, and a delight to get so many emails, texts and messages from folk who saw the show.
Who’d have thought it.
Here goes a new four year cycle.

So yesterday I was in Waterloo, on the South Bank, today I walked, very fast to have my hair trimmed. On account of the telly makeup girl who said it was top heavy. Having a big head don’t matter much on radio do it?
Then lunch in China Town.
Then tea on a boat in Blackfriers.
Then a fast walk to Charing Cross Road.
Then a 14 bus to Harrods.
Then a swift cut through to Sloane Street.
Then a 22 bus to Beaufort Street.
I jumped off and walked, to get warm, until I reached the flat fifteen minutes ago.
Tomorrow I am sitting in for Jo Good, 7-10.on BBC 94.9.
Then it’s off to celebrate my mothers 89th birthday.
I have had two bizarre days.
Nothing is as it seems yet it all seems perfectly normal.
Thank you for watching – its been alistening for ages now it’s having to watch me back and sides again.
I feel very lucky.

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  1. Buggar – you are finally back on TV and I am in the USA Dag namit more notice next time.
    Love Marmite xx

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