Tripping Hither

Walking back from the BBC is glorious in this weather.
Meandering through Soho and down to St. James Park, the ducks quacking, the sun shining, the tourists ambling, the open topped buses passing. The Union Jacks flying on Regent Street whipping up wedding fever. I felt like a tourist myself, walked so fast to Victoria, it felt quite like old times.
Grabbed a bus at Victoria and in the flat by the time a huge black cloud obscured the sun. Didn’t stop me sitting on the balcony with the daughter and a huge bowl of green salad and coconutty quinoa.
Here we go again with cranky stuff. But I love it. Now classified as a seed not a grain its so easy to cook. A few minutes in boiling water, then I let it stand whilst I collected the offspring from the station. When I came back it had steamed itself to a delicious grainy mush. I added coconut milk and onion seeds. Bloomin’ lovely.
At the last minute we said goodbye to each other and the ‘oosbind and I set off to see IOLANTHE at WILTONS MUSIC HALL.

We left at 7.00 and after a snippy little drive turned left off The Highway in the heart of London’s East End.
Wilton’s is a crusty old place, beautifully allowed to stand warts and all. The audience clearly love the building, not to mention the production.
An all male cast performed Gilbert and Sullivan splendidly. The staging, the singing, the humour, the wit, truly terrific. I had to leave at the interval, but I am returning so I can catch the second half. Try and get there before the end of the run on May 7.
I was one of the fairies back in 1962’sh. My mother and I tripped hither and thither in the local operatic amateur production. Every night we speared each others fairy skirts with our metal wands. No such tat tonight.
Leaving the East End with the Shard behind the Tower of London and The Gherkin to the right of it, felt like we were driving through a cardboard cut out of London.
Tomorrow and Friday, sitting in for Vanessa, then my show on Sunday. I cant believe its Easter and not a chocolate egg in sight, although we were all given a box with a cholesterol time bomb in as a present from Sonny and Shay.
Somebody I was at school with – I think, they didn’t give their name – asked me whether I was leaving the BBC. No, not in the foreseeable future, it’s lovely being there.
There we are. I’m off to bed, and to send an email to the Iolanthe lot to tell ’em how good they were.

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  1. Dear Jeni. Hello again! Im so glad you enjoyed half of Iolanthe or Bunthornes Bride as it is also called up The East End! i do hope you can see the second half before it finishes!I really love Gilbert and Sullivan. Its great your sitting in For Vannessa at Aunty Beeb and you always do such a wonderful Job! Im so glad the eyes are now OK Jen.
    I have just finished Packing my bags as Gordon and i are of to Torquay on Thursday Morning on The Torbay Express for 9 lovely days of rest by the sea and we will think of you Jenni and all your loyal Bloggers when we sit in the Bar at The Grand hotel with our Cocktails! Oh i must tell you Poor Gordon had a nasty shock whilst he sorted out his clothes for packing. It suddenly became obvious to him that the trousers he had donated to Oxfam last week were in fact his best trousers and Jeans and as he had also taken his other old trousers too! he had no Jeans at all! Ha Ha So as we are off early to torquay Thursday . When we get there we will go shopping and get him some more Jeans and Trousers! It felt like something out of (One Foot in the Grave) Im lucky though as i sent the correct clothes of mine that i wanted to donate so i still have all my best gear still at home and ive packed just what i want.
    I hope you had a lovely Birthday RHIANON sorry im late wishing it too you but Just seen on Jeni’s Blog that it was your Birthday on 19th! i hope it went well! Heaps of Love to dear Jeni! and all her lovely faithfull Bloggers! We All Love Jeni! Dont We??
    Happy Easter to One and All and enjoy Will’s and Kates Wedding! Love Terry XXX

  2. Thank goodness for the blog I had no idea you were sitting in for Vanessa…Bye off to the radio Love to all xxhugxx

  3. Given your like of abstraction I suggest that, from an Oxford Circus point of view the Union flags to the north are mishung (yiddish?).
    Has anyone seen mis-hung Union flags – with mercury being retrograde?
    Here is information:
    Meecury is retrograde in Aries. Convention is Aries is the sign of England. But the English part of the Union flag, being symmetric cannot be mis-flown, whilst the flag can (owing to its Irish component). Astrologically, retrogression is a point of view where the bad is rare but will result from inattention to a detail from before the onset of retrogression. Most time it is tidying up that the period demands.
    Amusing that the St. Patrick cross is red – a colour often selected by aries (generally, female) persons. Where a person wearing red is not Aries one finds their chart will have an arien element. And there are the failed bombs against Celtic.
    You see?

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