Day 1 of Vanessa

Hmm. Jean, I took my antibacterial drops, a compress of potato, some homeopathic remedies – not magic beans Jean – real live remedies bought from a real live pharmacy-
and….the conclusion Jean is that the potato and the remedies did the trick. Wonderful eh? A belt and braces approach to my conjunctiva and it all worked? You suspect, Jean, that the good old eye drops might have helped.
I’m sure they did Jean, alongside all my other self-help options.
The Conjunctivitis was not annoying Jean, although I will admit it did give me a pain in the head. I don’t know what you mean about self-limiting, since I am just an old lady who knows nothing about anything – but then you concluded that yourself did you not Jean?
Dear Jean, you suggest there was little point in taking any remedy (homeopathic or not) apart from some eye
lubricant, and you say that antibiotics aren’t usually prescribed. That’s good. I always opt for my homeopathic remedies, when appropriate, as they more often than not make me feel better and I rarely go near antibiotics. I bought antibacterial drops over the counter. Harmless, said the pharmacist although she told me to read the instructions carefully as the drugs in the drops, if taken too liberally, could burn my eyeball. I was exceedingly careful.
You say Jean, that potato sounds like a very dodgy thing to put anywhere near the eye – well it certainly soothed my puffy socket, and thank you again Jean I wondered what property was in the good old spud you informed me its solanine (a toxic alkaloid), although you also say an uncooked spud can harbour some fairly unpleasant fungi and bacteria, thank heavens my organic spud had no such nasty properties. I wonder how all our old wives knew about such things?
You ask why I brought Stephen Fry into it!? Well why not?
Thank for your comment though, and since you asked, I am feeling tip-top now and my eye is pretty much mended. The acupuncture helped not to mention the absent healing and the corn dolly I slept with whilst facing East and howling at the moon.

My first day for sitting in for Vanessa was fun.
And yesterday sitting at a little table, opposite Canary Wharf, commentating alongside the extrodinary Simon Lederman for BBC London, at The Marathon was a joyous occasion.
The big red bus stood behind us, the runners ran in front of us and the jolly British public milled round and about us. Canary Wharf is full of high rise buildings and super clean escalators. The sun never got to us as we were overshadowed by Barclays and Morgan Stanley, story of our lives eh? But the day was terrific.
Gods Gift and I sat on the balcony, with SIMBA, a Jackson lookalike, who we have been baby sitting all week, and chatted about life. I had a home made coffee and sat on the bean bag on the same level as the dog.
I am reading a book by PAUL MAGRS, NEVER THE BRIDE described by The Guardian as ‘A Gothic Smash’ it was a gift from the Barry for my birthday.
It is not the kind of book I would ever read, but it keeps me awake with its graphic horror comedic storyline. The result was that last night I was up several times, eating seeds, drinking fennel tea (another remedy for conjunctivitis Jean) and reading into the wee small hours, which is what the fennel tea made me do.
I was up by 6.00, meditated, took the 7.00 o’clock 170 and arrived at Egton House by 7.30.
Kate, the producer and the rest of the team, guided me through the show, and by 12.00 it was one down and four to go.
I then skipped to the tube and ended up in Farringdon with Gods Gift, The Barry, a delicious Fosh and a plate of salad that has not looked kindly on my colon. I might have to go to my old wives to find out how to cure my acidic gut. Turn away now Jean it might be just a little too cranky..
Danny Baker was back on air today. It was thrilling to hear him again. welcome home Candyman.
cu2morrer from 9-12 on 94.9.

11 thoughts on “Day 1 of Vanessa”

  1. Jeni, you write a public blog. If you are going to take issue with a comment, it’s a common politeness to publish the comment in question. Otherwise, readers only see one side, which may suit you, but is basically unfair. So let people see what I wrote, instead of just selectively quoting.
    Having said that, I don’t understand why you take such umbrage over my contribution. I was only pointing out that conjuntivitis gets better by itself (i.e. is ‘self-limiting’#, that antibiotics are mostly not worth taking for it #unless medically directed#, and that raw potato – ‘organic’ or not – might not be a good thing to stick over the rather vulnerable area that is the eye-socket. As for the homeopathic stuff … whatever, as they say.
    Maybe with all the thoughts of potato remedies, you were thinking of having some chips. Fry-ing tonight?

  2. Agree with Jean!
    If you make this blog public expect criticism!!
    Eyes are delicate! Treasure them and look after them! Potatoes!!! I think not! Had a bad eye infection many years ago so seek professional medical advice!!!! They really do know what they are doing! That’s why they are doctors and not homeopaths!!!

  3. We all have our own thoughts and views regarding health care/remedies. Jean was only putting her own view across. Please stop being so narrow minded Jeni …. you put potatoes on your eyes ( WITH the anti-bacteria drops ) …good for you.
    I would have used that potato for something else. Why waste a good organic potato?
    Waste not want not.

  4. So there.
    Honestly, they’re your eyes. Do what you like!
    I can understand keeping the eyes free of solanine, but i would never have known thats what was in a potato. Course, I’ve never had cause to put potato on my eye. I did get candle wax in them once, but we won’t go into that……
    Remind me never to write things that nark you, Jeni.
    It’s my birthday tomorrow. Wish me well, eh? The first one since my dear old Ma died. It’ll be strange, I imagine.
    All the best to everyone, homeopathic, alternative, complimentary and medical. Hope you’re all well and happy.

  5. Hi Jeni & Co.,
    It may be all about the spud but i’m definately sensing sour grapes from these birds of a feather.
    Obviously it’s not the Tale that’s BONKERs…it’s the Ole’wives!!
    Jeni i havn’t had the ‘red-eye’ thing before but i do know that a teaspoon of bi-carb of soda diluted in warm clean water works very well indeed on that condition. It is a wise old remedy.!
    Blessings all round on a full moon – especially for Ole’wives & Puffy sockets!!
    In the Love and Light of it, LV

  6. Jeni – narrow minded, you??? I think most of us ‘regulars’ will agree that you’re one of the most open-minded people we know! Your blogs give us much pleasure, so just carry on being your lovely self lady!

    You be sure to keep the candle wax out eyes gal!!
    Love and Light LV

  8. Hi there, I do think that when one writes an email or sends a text there is content but not tone, so sometimes things are said that sound so much harsher than they were meant. I was told when I had an allergic reaction to eyelash dye I should use camomile tea bags that had been soaked but left to cool – this was by a pharmacist – who did not think any other form of medication would help – it really worked. Everyone to their own I say x

  9. Thanks, LV. Maybe one day when I’m drunk i’ll tell you how that happened!!!
    Wasn’t it sad to hear of Elisabeth Sladen today? She was always the best Dr Who side-kick. Actually, she’s about the only one I really remember! Her years on it coincided with my years of watching. I’m still a bit wary of cybermen!

  10. I remember Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane. I think i’m what ‘they’ call the right side of forty! And as a toddler i remember being spooked by the darleks!
    Sometimes i can hardly get my head around the passing of time – let alone people, #perhaps it’s the tardis!#
    God Bless and rest her Soul.
    Happy Easter or Happy Holiday and for those that neither apply, Have a nice Weekend!
    Love and Light LV

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