Cutting away the old

You must read Kate Hardy’s blog. She is a terrific writer . Makes me laugh and cry. You will love her.
So how have you dealt with the biggest, most furious full moon this side of sanity.
I have been up there, out of it, under the radar and over the moon.
Good time to have your haircut I was told by Pierrepoint’s Dan. Apparently, and he should know his salon is a spit from China town, a lot of his Chinese clients won’t have their hair cut straight (or curly for that matter) after Chinese New Year as they don’t want to cut away any good luck.
I left my flat at 8.00 a.m. to do just the opposite. I wanted Dan to prune away every last bit of bad karma that had got tangled up in me follicles.

Met a wonderful woman in the salon, its tiny and he gives us all our space, who works for UNIVERSAL and had just uncovered some archive recordings of Tolstoy reading with his own voice.
Can you imagine listening to the geezer that wrote ‘War and Peace’ reading an extract. Grown up Jackanory eh?
Then it was off to the Beeb – I now have a pass, my picture looks like I am a Smurf on Bailey’s – to lay down my trails for next week. I am sitting in for Vaneesa feltz.
Yes of course I am bricking it wouldn’t you be?
Then next door to ‘Ozers’ for a quick meet with Esther my producer and a secretive belly stuff. Ozar is a large roomed restaurant with very welcoming waiters and waitresses. You can sit in the curved corner seats or at a table. There are free nuts in bowls, free bread in baskets and free olives and hummus on plates. It is impossible not to nibble. But when nibble turns to eat and eat turns to scoff its time to lie to the daughter and say that Esther downed the food.
The offspring had salad and lentil balls and I had a coffee to wash down all the free radical carbs.
We walked back to Pierrepoint so she could make an appointment with Dan the man who knows all about curls, and then off to FLAT WHITE in Berwick Street market. Cameron, the owner, was a guest on GFL three thousand years ago. I love his little coffee bar, its always packed and full of Kiwis. He is one, they all gather on the tiny bench outside or sit knee to knee at one of the small tables. There was a travelling daughter and her mother, who had clearly just arrived, with her A-Z and a full bag of mummies treats.
The daughter and i walked off to ‘Fioris’ – haven’t been there since leaving LBC.
I love that place.
Met up with The Barry.
The ol’ git had been to a meeting for a film so he wandered in later.
So there were the four of us, then we changed tables to welcome Nicky and Errol, and pizza, salads, teas and conversations were shared.
The kid went off to Hackerknee the rest of us walked to The Phoenix Club on Charing Cross Road.
A little drink went down then Jim and I hurried to the bus stop. It was so cold last night even the Yorkshire man complained, which is practically unheard of.
The 19 finally came, after three 38’s, and we sat in the top front right seat. The old git got all excited by bus travel and London at night and said under his breath that there could be a revolution, well certainly from our family, if the coalition took away his bus pass. Sorry Freedom pass…
We walked from Battersea bridge and went into THE STAG for a curry.
Zac is a Brick Lane boy and their menu is simple. I made him take off Magic radio and put on real music instead. So whilst Asian melodies wafted over us I ordered the hottest curry in the book. Zac kept coming and checking me out; Only four women have ever eaten the curry.
I didn’t find it that hot which made me worry that I was just soooo macho.
But Zac said he would call his mother and tell her about the phenomenon that was once on LBC.
Well now you can catch me on BBC LONDON 94.9
Plug it any time you can they said so I do…
My husband and I fell into the flat, put the heat up full and put Graham Norton on the tellybox.
It is official I LOVE GRAHAM NORTON. I don’t know why but I do. He makes me laugh, he’s quick and he listens.
Sybil the soothsayer reminded me that an anagram of LISTEN is SILENCE.
Sybil is dyslexic by the way!
Something we could all do with a bit of at the moment.
That’s it I’m going to write up my journals and make a huge crunchy salad. Then sleep in my big bed without the ‘oosbind, who motor biked his way, in the rain, back to East Sussex. Don’t like the idea of his absence but he is only a Sykpe away. Actually the next few days without him will be welcome. No arguments, no cooking, no cold feet and no compromises, no hugs either but hey ho….
Thank God for choice, and I don’t mean the radio station, Enough now talk to you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Cutting away the old”

  1. I agree, I absolutely love The Graham Norton show, so cheery, he makes all his guests welcome and I love all the wine drinking that goes on,of course I always have one when I watch too:)

  2. YOUR not wrong Jeni, wasn’t it a howler. As beautiful as ‘she’ is, the moon, felt like the giant silver nipple clamper in the sky this month.
    Anyone who got through it without bearing their teeth is surely on their way to sainthood……gggrrrrrrrrr…..
    Love and a silvery Light, LV

  3. Looking forward to your show tomorrow … 9am – 12pm.
    Waiting in for some curtains to be delivered from John Lewis so will do late housework while listening to your tones in the background.
    I really hope that you soon get a daily show through the radio waves. Once a week is not enough.Listeners need you daily … every weekday afternoon would be perfect.

  4. Ok so Sunday mornings are fast becoming the Jeni and Lindy show with a splash of Bentley, I must stop emailing you there will be complaints. So aim to go cold turkey through this week and see if I can resist emailing each morning tween 9 – noon. Trouble is having you across the airwaves this week what will we do after that !! withdrawal will set in. Love to all xxhugx

  5. Hi Jeni,
    Sunday is one thing, but what could be more soothing then hearing your jolly voice on a bleary Monday morning! What a treat! Will keep tuned in this week.
    Keep it up Jeni.
    All my love,

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