Full mooon eve.

It’s 16.51. We have just come up from the cottage.
I hate saying ‘coming up from the country’ makes me sound SOOOOO POSH. However, Jim drove me, for reasons I will explain later.
I drove home on Monday and the last three days have felt like an eternity.
The cottage is quiet, no traffic noises, no lamp posts outside. The cat purrs on the back of the armchair.
I have to go upstairs to bed. The bath room is carpeted and very warm. The shower soooper doooper, and the bed much softer and more inviting.
But time takes on a different quality.
The nights feel longer. The moon ( which is nearly full ) shines in through our bedroom window. Getting up for the bathroom in the dark is easy as the moon lights the way….

Today I had to go to the hospital for an eye test. A diabetic eye test that require me to have drops dripped in my eyes. The drops sting but that wears off quickly. the vision, however, is impaired for a few hours, so Gods Gift had to drive me to and from the hospital and back here to the flat.
Having had the drops dripped in I then had to wait ten minutes.
So a quick call to the producer and a quick rearranging of my hairdresser, then back into the little room where Phil sat me on a stool and changed the height of the CHIN rest so I could lean into the HEAD rest.
‘Look at the green dot’ he said. ‘Now follow the green dot with your right eye.’ Two photographs later and the same procedure for the left eye.
I was shown the pictures which look like two large round breasts. All my blood vessels were fine, everything was in perfect working order, Hurrah! And off we went. The whole examination took 20 minutes.
Well done The NHS, couldn’t have done it without them.
This morning I wrote a few words for the Osteopathic Childrens Centre, a wonderful charity which helps upwards of 30,000 families every year. Princess Diana was about to endorse them just before she died.
They give health back to children and their parents. I am happy to be associated with them. Tonight I will speak those few words in Wandsworth, then jump into my car and head off to Stratford East to see as much of Martina Coles, new play – THE GRAFT – as I can. Cuddle Barry and then drive back to the flat, cuddle Jim, then drive myself mad..
Cos today feels like Monday and tomorrow, which is Friday will feel like Tuesday, whilst Sunday will feel like Thursday.
Shakin’ Stevens is my guest as is Amanda Ross, who is doing the papers.
Should be interesting. Do join me won’t you….

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