Bikram begins again.

Have just come in from yoga.
Arrived a little early in Balham so I bought some provisions from a Halal meat shop. I love the blokes in there. Its like a club in Karachi, not that I’ve ever been to Karachi but had I been I think it would be like a club in Karachi high street.
I bought fresh spinach and massive tomatoes. Huge avocados and two handfuls of ochre. I’ll make something spicy with them tonight.
The washing is in, I’ve had a lovely salty bath and this evening I shall settle down to do something other than the television.
Its that time when the old git wants to be here, I want to be there, we both want to be together but we are playing the waiting game. I think we’re both too old for it.
Maybe we should cut our losses and just retire. We could walk the front in Worthing
Maybe not….

The earthquake in Christchurch dominated the news this morning I spoke to three people from New Zealand. They described buildings that were ‘pancaked’ and homes that were cracked down the middle.
There but for the Grace eh?
The reviewing of adoption laws was my second subject. I had some wonderful calls and emails. The conclusion was that whatever your colour, whatever your religion, however different you are a loving, stable, home is what benefits us all. Allowing each of us to be individuals within that context is the aim.
I walked from the Beeb down Cavendish Street and wandered off down Bond Street – its fashion week so the windows were dressed better than I was – finally arriving at Green Park. A quick sprint past the Ritz where I hopped on a 22. Took a swift walk over the bridge and down the river and into the flat.
Made myself a green smoothie, had a relax for an hour then set off for me yoga.
Todays teacher was calm and totally yogic. The class lasts fifteen minutes longer and his manner makes my muscles unlock I can do stuff in his class that I cant do in some of the others. He tells us to find the space within and allow our bodies to see the practice as half full not half empty. We have to make noisy yawning sounds and be aware of everything around us without letting it get in the way. I LOVE IT….
When he went into the changing rooms he said well done to me. I felt like a fifth former who had just been complimented by the handsome PE teacher..
Balham Bikram yeah yeah yeah…
I’m off now to chop me spinach, grate me ginger, quarter me tomatoes and sprinkle me spices.The only good thing about Gods Gift being 51 miles away is that I can eat loads and loads of garlic…that’s about the only good thing if I’m honest.
How can a 61 and three-quarter-year-old woman who has been living with the same geezer for thirty five years miss him. He’s 68 this year and I’m 62. We should know better – or should we? I don’t want to go on a cruise but I would like to have dinner with him more regularly.
Hey Ho the actors life for us.

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  1. Jeni,if only more people loved their other halves as much as we do,it would be a happier world,I hate it when mine has to be away all day,even though we phone each other,it’s the joy of being together in person,and that’s after 30 years!

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