Pre Lunatic activity

From osteopths to facials.
From hygenists to eye tests.
The organising of my life and my mothers has consumed me.
I am back in the cottage. The snow drops have bloomed and the guttering needs mending. Driving back to London tomorrow afternoon. The old git is driving as I have to have a diabetic eye test and wont be able to see the wood from the trees. Nothing new then.
The Jackmobil is off to the tip tomorrow and so a new phase begins.
Roll on Fridays moon, I feel about as lunatic as you can get…..

5 thoughts on “Pre Lunatic activity”

  1. Snowdrops are also out here went with daughter for a drive through the country lanes and there are bucket loads of them, just wonderful. Crocus are out in our garden and the daffs are in bud, the lilac has the showings of new buds, and some Forsythia is actually already flowering. Darkness comes later each day, and the air somehow feels cleaner. Good luck with the eye test Love to all xxhugxx

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you today. You’re the first patient ever to keep me waiting while she talks to her producer! We must do it again sometime – shall we say twelve months time?

  3. Jenny
    I am an avid LBC listener.
    I hardly ever agreed with what you said, me being a right winger. But,I always listened and enjoyed you afternoon program.
    I did not listen to LBC from 17th Sept,till a couple of months later, incidentally, that was when I was made redundant and it was also my sixtieth birthday. But you where all of a sudden,not there.It ried looking on the LBC webpage, not a word. I am sad that you have gone, and hope very much that you get more radio work. You deserve it.

  4. Dear Jeni.Im in full agreement with Lyndy as i also wish you luck with the eye test & i trust that you wont have any Problems afterwards! i hope that your Dear Mother is coping alright in the hospital and she is in a good state of mind when you go to see her. My daffodils are all blooming now on 2 of my balconys and other bulbs are pushing there heads up out of the soil (No not 60 watt bulbs)HaHa!! The Heath by my flat looks like it will suddenly turn from winter to spring and its something i think we are all looking forward to now after this very cold winter we have just had, Brrr i cant wait to go to Torquay at Easter as i have done for the past 7 years as its so lovely down there so many lovely beaches and views of the sea from the bar in The Grand Hotel on the seafront i love it very much. Do you like Torquay Jeni? or do any of your faithful bloggers like it there? Enjoy your Friday Moon Jeni and we all look forward with anticipation to your broadcast on sunday morning at 9 am. oh yes Jeni i must say how much i love the picture you have on this site now as you look fantastic! maybee its the Bickram yoga you go to by hildreth St Market in Balham gateway to the South! thats making you look so good. Lots of Love and God Bless! Terry xxxxx

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