Well the Chinese New Year came and went.
I opened a big bottle of Sake and heated the contents up in the microwave.
I know those ovens are lethal but then so is Sake.
After a long, hard afternoon I finally gave in and watched THE PEOPLES SUPERMARKET
I want the project to work with all my heart.
I want him on my show to talk food, wastage and cooking.
Check him out on THE PEOPLES SUPERMARKET website.
I’ve just pulled my Angel Card of the day
DISCIPLINE: Self discipline brings me freedom.
If I write it, think it, know it then I can be it.
So here’s to a day of self discipline and doughnuts….

3 thoughts on “Discipline”

  1. Phew at last !! your blog refused to let me in ! Been busy trying to keep Bentley occupied with his hoodie on !!! Love to all xxhugxx

  2. Every time I watch bloody boring Market Kitchen on the Good Food channel, I miss you! Why on earth did they let you go? That blonde is OK but she hasn’t got the energy or the sheer joy of life that you brought to the daily show. Or the sex appeal. Maybe you’re just too much of a free spirit for them- in which I case, I salute you and send you my deep respect.
    This is from the woman who bumped in to you in HSBC in Tunbridge Wells (many years ago) and told you that you ‘lit up my life’- and that is not because I am sad, it’s because you are good!!

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