I haven’t got it right yeti…

I went to borrow a red dress for a big charity do I’m going to on Saturday, Okay so I tried the dresses on over my trainers and jeans, but I still looked like a Yeti who had found some garments in a skip behind the bins in Balham.
I will have to revert to my old dress I have had for so many years now its come back into fashion.

My legs are achy today from Yoga. I must be trying harder. I do watch the clock and sigh as the minutes tick past which, depending on the postures, go either very fast or very, very slowly. Today I wore an ensemble of orange vest and lime green shorts. I even made myself feel queasy.
I am off to see Leslie Jordan tonight at The Apollo. I am meeting the Barry Boy and will be attending the after show party at The Cafe de Paris.
Sounds awful swanky don’t it? But I have attended several functions there the last one had a semi-naked wench clad in a snake with big boobs, and I don’t mean the snake.
Having sent the book off I have had two days of regrouping. Even managed to meditate. What to do, how to do it. The gaping hole left by a completed project is a bit like empty next syndrome. Its no wonder I’m turning to the biscuit tin, which thanks to my mood, is nearly empty. Any turning to it for comfort now will be wasted energy I may just as well turn to the fridge for some peas.. re yesterdays blog, cry more pea less. See what I did there?
I am now about to start writing the six parter for telly, well five parter, I’ve already done the first.
The news is unmissable at the moment. I’m having to hold onto the arms of the chair as I watch regimes tumble and hurricanes howl. What to do but remain positive and keep raising my voice against things that I think are unfair. Sometimes it seems so futile. One must keep keeping on though.
That’s it I have to find something to wear tonight that will wow all the Gay men at this evenings bash. I don’t stand a chance though Barbara Windsor will be there. So I may go in me overalls depends on the legacy of all those biscuits. if I still fit into the long black dress with flowers on the bottom I’ll wear that. With my tight, big drawers as support. The red sequined dress that Shakeel made for me is so large now I look like a yeti who has been foraging in the bins behind ‘High and Mighty’, and for those of you who don’t know ‘High and Mighty’ its a clothes outlet catering for the taller, bigger yeti.

5 thoughts on “I haven’t got it right yeti…”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Like you I too feel slightly off balance, I think it’s a combination of gray gray days, dark mornings and dark evenings.
    My bulbs are starting to pop their heads out and that makes me think spring is possible.
    Jeni if you’re at a loss at the moment pop into the Guildhall Art Gallery, there is a “Working Lives of the Thames Gateway” exhibition there that I think may appeal. For more info go to:
    Just a thought.
    Lets hope the arrival of spring, sun and lighter evenings will put a spring in our step.
    Have a joyful evening.
    Love june

  2. Firstly many congratualtions on completing the book, cannot wait to read it. A six parter on TV it just gets better and better. Here’s hoping the Chinese New Year brings you lovely fluffy things, and peace Love to all xxhugxx

  3. Hi Jeni
    Sorry it should have been Eastside Community Heritage Working Lives web site NOT the e mail address.

  4. Just found your website Jeni and your blogs are fantastic! I lost my job over a year ago and your (much missed) LBC show kept me sane, a very positive listening experience compared to many others. Good luck in your new venture and I will keep on reading,
    willing on one of lifes good people. Luv Tony

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