rabbit’s eve

I’ve just heard a Northern expression from Sybil. ‘Cry more pee less’
Well if thats anything to go by then I’ll be out of the bathroom for a fortnight.
I don’t know whether it’s the moon, whether it’s the Year of the Rabbit, whether its my age, whether it’s the lack of sun whether its because I have just sent off 107 pages of the book, I don’t know what it is but what ever it is I’m peeing less.

I had somebody coming for breakfast and they forgot to set their alarm, so it meant I had to skip Yoga, I was walking around the flat like a bear with a sore head.
Gods Gift is being SO patient with me. If he started behaving the way I am behaving I would kick him out with the rubbish.
Anyway the boy arrived for breakfast and I had to leave to meet Sybil’s agent in Great Portland Street.
I finally know how to get there. Twas as easy as pie. The 170 to Viccy, the tube to Oxford Circus, then I walked to Broadcasting House, took a right then left and there was Great Portland Street all regal and accountant like.
I had a peppermint tea in The Vallandry with Louise and Ryan Jagger, no relationship to Mick but is going to be just as big I’m told.
Then I took a quick trip back to the flat.
Finally got to Balham and me Bikram. I’m so out of whack my left leg wouldn’t stand let alone balance. I felt like the old lady in the class which is not surprising since I am. But nobody smelled tonight and the teacher was brilliant.
Back to the flat for a shower then I set off to a jazz gig in West End Lane. An easy journey. Straight down the Edgeware Road past the date shops and chandelier shops and Delicatessen shops and mobile phone outlets. Unfortunately it wasn’t my scene when I got there. I lasted one hour, ate all the peanuts and half the hula hoops and left.
I made tiny bits of conversation with folk, or as they would say in the illiterate parts of America I ‘Conversated’ with one or two people.
Called Sybil the minute I got in and we shouted about our lot and then I changed out of my clothes into my pyjamas, kissed Gods Gift when he walked in had a beer, and a finger of fudge and now I’m ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day.
I feel like I’m going bonkers. I know I’m not but I feel like I am.
Tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese New Year, I bloody hope it fares better than the British one.