The shortest week.

I’ve been in bed for two days with this wretched bug. Not a nice bed fellow. I got up yesterday and managed to get myself out to see somebody who shifted the condition. Then when I got back to the flat I decided I would start writing again. Oh the relief to finally get my … Read more

10 Days to go.

Ten days before the General Election and only God and the ‘Daily mail’ know which way it will land.
I’m voting in Battersea, the ‘oosbind is voting in East Sussex whilst Bee is voting for the first time, we’ve had many discussions around the table, in the garden, in the car and on the telephone. I’m delighted that she is taking it so seriously. Part of me wonders whether it won’t make a blind bit of difference whoever gets in. But I do have a problem with a lot of Mr. Camerons policies, am dismayed by some of Nick Clegg’s notions and am affeared that Mr. Brown will be exhausted after fighting to remain standing up after running up hill whilst tied to a tractor.

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St. Georges Day

Its been a week full of meetings, meals and merry making.
Monday found me eating greens beans with garlic and olive oil in the ALICE HOUSE in West Hampstead.
A gaggle of wise women celebrating a birthday.
I left at 10.00 and turned left towards The Edgware Road, took the wrong fork and ended up driving down Abbey Road, through Lisson Grove and onto a slip road to Marble Arch, pictures of my youth flashing before me. It took me less than half and hour to get from North West London to South West London. My little red car nipping through the green lights.

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goodmornin’ sunshine.

I had the roof down on my car, first time this year. We sat n the garden and had lunch in the sun. I read all weekend – a book for an interview – whilst the old git fixed up the computers in various rooms. I drove back to London, arrived by eight and have … Read more

HAIR today and gone tomorrow

Its rude to eat celery when you’re talking to somebody on the telephone but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. I have been so busy that I’ve just finished supper, whilst trying to suck on the celery to keep the noise to a minimum. It’s 00.18 and I have only just started work….
Last night was fluff this evening was HAIR. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but I mustered up the courage and set off for the GUILGUD THEATRE on Shaftsbury avenue.
But let me tell you about yesterday first.

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Spring is Sprung

At 6.30 this morning I jumped out of bed and put the heating on, as I write my hands are sporting little frozen fish fingers.
Yesterday I had to buy a new rucksack. Into BLACKS I went on Buckingham Palace Road and asked the young men to help me put it on. I felt like a child as the boys dressed me pulling my straps… I now look like a tourist from Osset who is visiting London on a walking holiday.
I had to buy a back pack because every day I carry two litre bottles of green drinks and a thermos flask of avocado smoothie. Why this radical diet? Having been to ERROL DENTON last week for my live blood test and seeing quite what a hash I was making of my body I’ve have embarked on a super green detox. My blood sugar has dropped remarkably and I can at last walk again.
Without sounding too dramatic I really do feel I have my body back.

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Flat Out

The Delicious Miss DAHL is dribbling on in the background.
My birthday roses are faded and papery, Battersea is dark and quiet, and my journals need writing up.
This Easter has been big and fond, family and fun. We played a game round the kitchen table and three of us nearly watered the flagstones.
We had a dog visitor so nine of us went on a walk in the Ashdown Forest, I didn’t ‘alf miss Jackson.
From roast chicken to smoked salmon, the fridge was so overloaded Jim’s beer had to be put out with the garden gnomes.

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