Spring is Sprung

At 6.30 this morning I jumped out of bed and put the heating on, as I write my hands are sporting little frozen fish fingers.
Yesterday I had to buy a new rucksack. Into BLACKS I went on Buckingham Palace Road and asked the young men to help me put it on. I felt like a child as the boys dressed me pulling my straps… I now look like a tourist from Osset who is visiting London on a walking holiday.
I had to buy a back pack because every day I carry two litre bottles of green drinks and a thermos flask of avocado smoothie. Why this radical diet? Having been to ERROL DENTON last week for my live blood test and seeing quite what a hash I was making of my body I’ve have embarked on a super green detox. My blood sugar has dropped remarkably and I can at last walk again.
Without sounding too dramatic I really do feel I have my body back.

Yesterday was my first day back in the saddle. I was nervous having had a really relaxing Easter. I was given a briefing by my boss and entered the studio on the first day of the election campaign. Thankfully I didn’t say anything out of place.
After the show I walked rapidly through St.James Park. My back pack hanging proud over my cockyx. The birds were out, the tourists were out, the blossom was so lush I stopped to take a picture. At the moment its mostly Germans tourists, two weeks ago it was Italians, and before that the French, must be their public holidays. The Germans are the worst for walking in huge groups. I stand on the side of the pavement looking stern and British but to no avail. I’m told, by Errol, that when my stress levels diminish I will not be so put out by minor irritations. LETS HOPE SO….
I grabbed a taxi at Victoria as I had to get to Kingtston to see DUMB SHOW with Dexter Fletcher and Sanjeev Bhaska.
The drive was easy. Up the A3 and turn right.
The Rose Theatre is a new build somewhere to the west of the town. Most natives had never heard of it so well done Peter Hall!
It’s got a groundling area, like The Globe, where people can sit and watch the play cross legged. The seating is shaped in a ‘V’ and the stage is wide and on a slant, well it was from where I was sitting.
Okay I know I am an ex thespian, 12 years treading the boards and all that. And I know that the old git is a real actor so my line of work is not as a critic its as a friend. But I’m afraid, with all the best will in the world, I left at half time. The acoustics were bad, the acting less than self assured and the play not brilliant. I’m sure it will settle down, but the play was not for me.
I set off, as the light dwindled to get my car in the Cattle Market car park, one of the many spaces for parking the car. The town was full of young things, semi-clad – on a cold night – smoking, shouting and bingeing outside the pubs of Kingston.
I walked and walked but the Cattle Market car park could have been in the Bavarian Forest. i walked past car parks galore but none of them held my car.
Two policewomen walked towards me, I accosted them. ‘Help me’, I cried. They pointed to the street ahead and told me to walk towards the 99p shop and there it would be on my right.
Hurrah. The one way system would tax Lewis Hamilton but I finally reached the A3 and toottled back to the flat.
After a meal of tarka dhal and leek I retired.
Christian Dion sent me CD of a show we made back 20 years ago in Birmingham, I look like my daughter and have shoulder pads so wide a flock of vultures could perch and set up home on them. Christian is impressive and I loved him then as I do now.
Where does the time go? Exactly my bath calls, my smoothie calls and then its on with my ruck sack, and with a spring in my step I will greet Spring which the radio tells me has finally sprung….
Enjoy your day.

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  1. Hi
    Happy mowing Jeni, I’ve just done mine and I’m feeling so virtuous my halo is choking me!
    Have a lazy weekend.
    Love June

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