The shortest week.

I’ve been in bed for two days with this wretched bug. Not a nice bed fellow. I got up yesterday and managed to get myself out to see somebody who shifted the condition. Then when I got back to the flat I decided I would start writing again. Oh the relief to finally get my head round the book. My literary agent is the most patient man in the world, but had I not broken the deadlock I wonder whether his patience would have run out.
I’m up and about, not feeling 100% but ready for LBC. I shall walk in, slowly, and sit down gently. I have a new editor who I have never met so I have no idea what the day will bring.
It’s Wednesday, then another two days before the weekend, Could this be the shortest week ever?
have a good day.

3 thoughts on “The shortest week.”

  1. Dear Jenni,So sorry to hear that youve been down with that awfull BUG!I hope your feeling much better today and that all went well for you with your first meeting of your shows new editor?. One tip Jenni,Before going to bed each night nip out on the bacony and breath in that river air for a few mins! I always go out on mine for the fresh air before bed when ive been ill and it works wonders for me.Take good care! Love Terry.

  2. I hope you’re fully recovered very soon. I seem to have some sort of bug myself, not the one you’ve had, just a short of breath, floaty bug. I’m not trusting myself to drive today, so spending the day pottering in the garden.
    Can you believe these politicians? Lennon had it right 40 odd years ago when he said “No message from any phoney politician is coming through me”.
    I imagine Whitehall will run the country regardless of which silly gang is elected.
    How are you Kirsten? Give us an update, my friend. I hope you are well.
    Anyway, dear Jeni, get fully well, I really miss you when you can’t write to us.
    Loves best wishes.

  3. Dear Jeni. I hope you are OK? as no blog from you since 28th april when you were not feeling well.Its election day tomorrow and i hope and pray that whoever gets in will give this country a fair chance to get up on its feet again and bring back the good times for all of us! Best of Health to you Jeni and to Jim and Bea {Reminds me of my mum as her name was Beatrice!} I hope we can read your blog again soon and to know all is well again!God Bless! Love Terry xx

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