Edinburgh Nights

THANK YOU ALL for your lovely birthday messages, cards and comments.
Edinburgh was grey – sometimes sunny – but mostly grey and
and sometimes
But it was good to be with the old git. And I enjoyed my full Scottish breakfasts every morning. One sausage. one bacon rasher, one tomato half, one spoonful of mushrooms, one perfectly fried egg, two slices of toast and a big steaming, pot of Earl Grey Tea.

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Och aye the noo.

As you would expect, one day away from LBC and I’ve come down with whatever the nasty viral thing is. Headache, stomach, blocked nose. But I’ve been to the huge supermarket in Boreham Wood and bought provisions for our trip to Scotland.
It cost more than four tickets to Waverly station and back.
Why was I in Boreham Wood at all?
Well I did The Radlett Gig last night and, in all the rush, left all my props on the stage.
An alarm clock, a hammer, a bottle of Dettol, all my notes and a pair of shoes from 1962.
So I drove from the flat to collect the box from my mothers.

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From Cockfosters to Cardiff…..

To all of you who supported me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. The old git gave me 8/10, which for him is remarkable. Thank you all for your lovely messages of support. Thank You Marmite for shlepping all the way from Wales, and Sheila from Cockfosters. My eyes are watering from the make-up and in the … Read more

Radlett Eve.

I spent all this morning working on Radlett. Then took myself to Battersea Square for a pear juice and three outfits from ROLANDA for Radlett. Then came back to the flat and had a salad and a phone call about Radlett. Talked to Tilda Swinton yesterday. Cor she aint ‘alf nice. Went to bed at … Read more

To all my Trusses

THANK YOU to all of you who have got back to me about RADLETT. The pressure to be fabulous when there are only 17 in the audience makes for adrenal burn out…. I look forward to everybody who is coming and I promise I will wear my best bib and tucker. Thank you all again … Read more


THE FORGEWOOD BARN is a new eatery hidden in Eridge.
I went back home to the cottage early this morning and got caught in Crystal Palace bumpers.
By the time I arrived the snow drops had flowered.
Opened up three weeks worth of mail – mostly junk – and tickled the cat.
Posted letters and set off to James Bibby my man. He’s built like a brick merdemaison. What he can’t do with his cranial osteopathic hands you could write on a grain of rice.
Took the back roads to home and there, on the side of the road, was a sign to a new cafe and bar.

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The Belly Blues

My lovely Shakeel came round this evening to talk about a new outfit for Radlett. He’s got until the 21st to stitch me together. And there I was looking at myself when I whispered to Shakeel, I asked him whether I had put weight on and he said yes. I crumbled.
It’s mad.
But we decided that whilst I looked like a pregnant puffin we would wait to create a new dress.
Then I put on a purple dress and went off to The St. George’s Hotel in Langham Place. Took the lift to the fifteenth floor to the bar, looked at the view and hugged lots of old telly friends. They all thought I looked great…
Now it’s not that Shakeel was wrong it’s just that he’s worked with a better canvas. My old telly posse knew me when I was the size of Totnes Town hall.
So it’s all evened out in the end. I’m eating cucumber as a penance and wondering what it would be like to work in Argentina. Can you imagine, sun, sand, sea and a couple of tangoes a night. And I don’t mean the orange stuff….

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Haggis and Me

Haggis for tea. Haggis for tea. Haggis and spinach for Jim and for me. Telly with tea. Telly with tea. Telly with haggis for Jim and for me. Acupuncture for me. Acupuncture for me. Acupuncture with haggis and spinach for tea. ‘Funny Women’ for me. ‘Funny women’ for me. The needles and haggis meant I … Read more