The Belly Blues

My lovely Shakeel came round this evening to talk about a new outfit for Radlett. He’s got until the 21st to stitch me together. And there I was looking at myself when I whispered to Shakeel, I asked him whether I had put weight on and he said yes. I crumbled.
It’s mad.
But we decided that whilst I looked like a pregnant puffin we would wait to create a new dress.
Then I put on a purple dress and went off to The St. George’s Hotel in Langham Place. Took the lift to the fifteenth floor to the bar, looked at the view and hugged lots of old telly friends. They all thought I looked great…
Now it’s not that Shakeel was wrong it’s just that he’s worked with a better canvas. My old telly posse knew me when I was the size of Totnes Town hall.
So it’s all evened out in the end. I’m eating cucumber as a penance and wondering what it would be like to work in Argentina. Can you imagine, sun, sand, sea and a couple of tangoes a night. And I don’t mean the orange stuff….

Last night I saw Leonardo de Caprio in his new film, it frightened the living daylights out of me. I had to remind myself I was at Bafta in Piccadilly and not on SHUTTER ISLAND . The film was so gripping I nearly rent a hole in the red cushioned seat. ALICE IN WONDERLAND was alright. The visual affects and Johnny Depp make it worth a visit but it didn’t really float my boat.
My 78 year old companion left the cinema still wearing his 3D glasses. He very nearly waked into the broom cupboard.
It’s now 22.50, the old man will be home from Oxford in about an hour. I’m going to prepare a meal for tomorrow night and then do some writing.
The only reason I panicked about my girth is because I am filming for the Beeb on sunday. They are providing makeup and hair
Look there’s nothing that a little pancake can’t do and yes I’ll take mine with a little maple syrup…..

2 thoughts on “The Belly Blues”

  1. Dear Jeni,
    reading your postings, I always become a little jealous of your visits to top class entertainment, plays concerts and the like. Well this Saturday last it was deep dark Africa’s turn to be thrilled, as here in good old Durban by the sea, we were honoured to host Sir Cliff and the Shadows and “Oh what a night it was, it really was, such a night!”
    At nearly 70 years of age they were moving and a grooving for nearly two and a half hours on stage, no mean feat in our humidity! Save for a few facial folds from aging they are all in wonderful shape, voice and musical dexterity. It was a night of great nostalgia and superb British entertainment.

  2. Hello Darling
    You are gorgeous so there! I don’t care what you wear in Radlett!!
    I’ll let you know about Argentina I am going on 8th May …… just need to learn to tango…..oh and lose about 30lbs …..we are eating cucumber in tandem!
    Much love Marmite xxx

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