THE FORGEWOOD BARN is a new eatery hidden in Eridge.
I went back home to the cottage early this morning and got caught in Crystal Palace bumpers.
By the time I arrived the snow drops had flowered.
Opened up three weeks worth of mail – mostly junk – and tickled the cat.
Posted letters and set off to James Bibby my man. He’s built like a brick merdemaison. What he can’t do with his cranial osteopathic hands you could write on a grain of rice.
Took the back roads to home and there, on the side of the road, was a sign to a new cafe and bar.

I took the next left, past the village hall where B went to nursery school. The grass seemed greener than ever, the air clear, the light a shimmery silver I swung into the car par.
FORGEWOOD BARN is The Forgewood Tea Rooms that was, run by Anita a wonderful home baker. The little tables with fancy tablecloths have gone, the baskets of lavender have disappeared but the ambience of the place is still in tact. Fran, who owns it, has plans. People pay a small fee to pitch their tents and camp in the woods on the perimeter, you can even buy booze. Fran has friends that she is rustling up who will provide pictures, artwork, home made cakes, bread, you name it. I had a cafetier of coffee and a toasted tea cake with real butter and crumbly cubes of white sugar.
It’s a delightful find, in the middle Eridge Park.
If you are travelling down that way please go in, the more of us that frequent places like that the more places there will be to frequent. Apparently there are only 50 tea shops left in Sussex there used to be twice as many.
Duddleswell Tea Rooms in Ashdown Forest is also well worth a visit especially if you like scrambled egg on toast with your tea.
I nipped into Waitrose for cat tins and returned home to take a photo of the snowdrops and do the accounts for February….it’s never bloody ending, although at least I’m alive to count the days.
Drove round the M25 to my mothers, gave her a big box of chocolates for tomorrow, made supper, then left for the flat.
I got back half an hour ago. I have to sort my lenses, ear piece and an outfit for tomorrow. I’m doing a pilot for the Beeb. Don’t get excited it’s all about the format not about me. If the television companies around the world like the format they’ll find their version of Jeni Barnett. So if there’s an Indian, Chinese, or Japanese JB reading this fingers crossed you’ll be the one to do the show that I’m piloting for you tomorrow.
I need a large slab of strawberry cheesecake and a coffee but I’ve already had one coffee today and the only cake in the flat is in my imagination.
Still a girl can dream cant she.
Wish me luck for 2morrer, first time in front of the cameras since April 2007….ooooeeeeeee!

6 thoughts on “THE FORGEWOOD BARN.”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    Good Luck for tomorrow. If the pilot goes well maybe the Beeb will let you go ahead and do the whole thing!
    Back to GFL, I do wonder what’s happened to 5 years worth of GFL footage, it must be archived somewhere?? I live in the hope that one day the BBC, ITV or Channel 4 may buy the rights and it’ll run along side ‘Come Dine with Me’
    Have a great Mothers day and best of luck!
    Regards Hymie xx

  2. You don’t need luck, Jen. You’re that rare commodity, someone who knows how to do their job properly. You’ll sail through it. Enjoy it, and remind those arseholes who cancelled Great Food Live what they’re missing. You’re the best, girl.

  3. Hi Jeni
    Oh I do so agree with you about the tea rooms, they are far to precious to lose. I just feel it is my duty to have tea/coffee and cake whenever I’m anywhere near a tea room! Long may they survive.
    Good wishes for today at the Beeb, long may the Beeb survive too.
    Have a happy belated Mother’s Day with your girls, oh and Jim of course.
    With love

  4. Hi, sent you quite a nasty text at LBC a few weeks ago, for which I am very sorry. (However you do talk a lot of uninformed poo sometimes). Best wishes for whatever the future may hold, Mike in Purley. xxx

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