A Dear Jonno letter.

Thanks to all of you callers today.
Jonno thinks I should be taken off the airways and that I should ask for forgivenss for my views on the MMR vaccine.
I like being on the airwaves, making waves, trying to make a difference, listening to thousands of you having your say.
And surprisingly enough Jonno, I do ask for forgiveness daily, as part of my meditation practice.
This time I wont be bullied by you Jonno, it does hit me in the solar plexus when it feels like a personal assault, but I am not going to be swayed by sarcasm or hostile posts.
You can have your say on my blog, I did think of deleting you but then I would have been accused of cowardice and censorship so I’ll take your criticism on my chins and carry on.
I’ve never written a ‘Dear Jonno’ letter before.

10 thoughts on “A Dear Jonno letter.”

  1. Hi Jen
    oh how I love listening to you, granted I may not always agree with you, but its always a good listen
    Take no notice of “Jonno” he has a choice – if he does not like listening then turn the radio off !
    Your show makes me laugh, it makes me cry and it always makes me think !!!
    Love ya loads and long may you be on LBC !
    Tess x x x

  2. hmm…
    have you ever looked at youtube videos?
    well the comments..
    so horrible..
    i think.. people should learn respect.
    if you have a point.. state it without being overbearing and insulting.
    when people speak contemptuously.. all you hear is the scorn and anger…
    Not the facts.
    Anywayz i used to love your show when i was in London mainly because of your respect.. for anybody and everybody 🙂
    and whatevaaaa..
    ppl will always argue and be mean..
    i’ve learned to state my truth simply, try to always be respectful..
    and not to fight down my point.
    cuz what’s the point in quarreling with asses?
    you talking.. they braying..
    dont send up your blood pressure for brayin bullies.

  3. Dear Jeni,
    You’re Brill!
    Go to your site every day to look for new messages. Have done since before you left GFL. You’re a little ray of sunshine in my day. Take Care. Kerri xxx

  4. Little to add to the positive comments save that I agree wholeheartedly. I strongly believe in a free press and the ability to speak freely – no matter what is said. But it helps if what is said can be said without abuse or personal comments which, without doubt, always dilute and discredit whatever the abuser is saying, however otherwise (or not) righteous its content.
    Love as always, Lyn.

  5. Never forget, the people who disagree will reason with you. The people who see only their own viewpoint will rail against you, without concession to reason.
    All sides are allowed an opinion, yes?

  6. Actually, I just wanted to say, how are you, Jen? Really, how are you? Because to a lot of people you’re a celebrity, a familiar face, a well loved voice, a famous person. Funny, quick witted, smart and sensible. And yeah, that’s right. Quite right. You are all these things. You are all these people. But to us, your pals, you sound unsure. Even in your blog. Even in your defiance. My dear Jeni, stand strong. You know who you are. Never be afraid of those who try to harm your reputation. Never fear those who rail against your ideas. Who are they?
    Remember the essence of who you are, What were you always taught? (William Cole’s constant examples aside!)
    Be you, my dear. Take God at His word and be you.

  7. Jeni my lovely,
    You do make a difference, you have made a huge difference to me!
    We all have different opinions, and thank goodness we are able to express them, but whatever happened to open, honest debate…all this name calling and bullying makes me sad.
    Much love
    Marmite xxx

  8. Dear Jeni
    We live in a country prized for its freedoms. We can voice an opinion. It does not have to be that of the majority. If its honestly held then we should be respected for it.
    I find personal attacks unnecessary and distressing. Debate is positive but lets converse rather than battle.
    The world is such a small place and hate is contagious.
    You are well regarded and respected. Enjoy your broadcasting. There are many thousands of listeners who do.

  9. Doolally tap! Well done for using that lovely phrase today Jeni. It made me giggle, and reminded me of my dear Mum whom I lost to breast cancer too young, just under 2 years ago. She used to tell me I was going doolally tap if my decisions of behaviour where considered “off kilter”. Fantastic! Interesting origins too, that phrase has!
    Love the show, Bren

  10. Hello Jeni,Just to say I hope you well,as everything is very quiet since Feb 3rd.Lots of hugs Sandy.

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