Go to see Jude Law’s Hamlet, he carries it off.
Ron Cook is terrific as Polonious.
Penelope Wilton glides as Gertrude.
I fell asleep during it because I do three hours live radio.
DUET FOR ONE with Juliet Stevenson Henry Goodman is a testament to good acting and good writing.
I went alone on Friday night and cried alone.
The purpose of life, said Goodman’s pyschiatrist, is life itself.
It may be old fashioned but the power of those two on stage, the direction the philosophy was utterly life affirming
I drove back to the cottage revivified.
Today I got up very late, mowed the lawn, had two coffees in Carluccios,a bath, a stir fry and about to watch a film with the old man. My book at bedtime is wonderful. ONE DAY by DAVID NICHOLLS. It makes my mouth water, the humour the perception the story…I don’t want to finish it.
I interviewd Tony Benn and Ken Loach on Friday. Both reminded me of my history.
The purpose of life is life…..
have a good sunday.