The end of an era

On Thursday Night BB finished her university term. She stood in front of an audience at the Albany in Deptford – great venue -and sung with her hastily got together band.
She was messy and antsy but my goodness when she opened her gob to sing I cried, her sister cried, her father cried, her friends cried, Nathan and Jonathan shed a tear and her grandmother pledged her life savings to her.
That was Thursday.

The weekend was spent realising that she had finished three years in as little time as it takes to make a quick brew with a ROOIBOSH tea bad.
We had no hot water, the boiler blew, so we had to shed a tear with kettles and saucepans of boling water, poured into the bath and cooled down with freezing tap water.
Today I did jealousy, envy and competitiveness on the programme. I wanted to know just how damaging a mother like me can be. The need for the daughter to be brilliant but happy. Successful but fulfilled. Clever but balanced etc. etc.
I found out I was perfectly normal and that when you give a child roots and wings they are grounded and then they fly.
Thank goodness for Jim, the ‘oosbind with the calmest of demeanours. Tonight I am feeling the excitement for the girl at the beginning of a wonderful life. Am I coveting her life, suffering from jealousy envy or competitiveness?
No I’m exhausted and delighted that she can get on with her life and all being well lend me a few bob.
Worra a weekend….

3 thoughts on “The end of an era”

  1. Mothers and daughters – that complex topic that elicits the unanswerable questions.
    BB has a role model like no other; her feistiness and all the other traits that make you crazy, mirror her mommy.
    We didn’t know that we had it in us to raise women who will change the world.
    Congratulations to us!!

  2. I have just written a letter with the same title as this blog about 5 minutes ago!
    I am retiring this Friday after reaching the enormous age of 60 (eek). In my head I am still 21, then I look in the mirror and see my mother looking back (double eek).
    You have done your job well with regard to your daughter.
    Still onwards and upwards – plenty of life in the old girl yet.
    Lilo Lil

  3. Good Food (Michael Fenton) I still miss GFL and do wonder what has happened to five years of archived GFL programmes. All I ever see advertised on UKTV food is the dreaded Market Kitchen and repeats of various food programmes such as Two fat ladies, friends for dinner etc. which were recorded about ten years ago. Sorry to still moan about the demise of GFL and yes I have complained many times on the UKTV Food website.
    Regards Hymie. PS. Good luck to BB for the future.

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