Extremes means Heinz

You walk some you ride some.
You bus some you tube some.
You train some you run some.
This morning I walked some then treated myself to a Number 24 bus. I was forty-five minutes late. There are more traffic lights aorund Parliament square than there are politicians.
I took the train home and walked back to the flat in the rain thinking about Steve Campen my old producer, he is badly missed by me.
My agent’s in France.
My Husband’s in Oldham.
My daughter’s in Bixton.
Everybody else is in turmoil.
Tonight I shall slip into something more comfortable as I slurp my Heinz tomato soup and think of nothing.

3 thoughts on “Extremes means Heinz”

  1. Hi Jen
    I have been meaning to leave you a message for ages, glad things have got back to normal on here. Reading your blog is a very enjoyable part of my evening – I love your thoughts on life – Might not always agree with you, but hey life would be boring if we all though the same !
    Enjoy your tomato soup, dont for get a few drops of Lea & Perrins with it ! it takes it to a whole new level !
    take care, and keep up the great work on LBC
    Tess x x
    PS – any chance of a show in West London ?

  2. Hello Jeni,
    I agree with Tess, happy that things are back to normal and even happier to read your blogs, a great source of entertainment, after all that’s really what you’re famous for, entertaining people, long may you reign supreme!.
    Take care, Hymie, Manchester City Centre, not too far from Jim in Oldham. x

  3. Hey Jeni,
    Life is sort of returning to normal here, too. Stuff happens when you least expect it, doesn’t it? Who knew the first part of the year would be so stressful? Never mind, we’re all through our various anxieties. You in London and me in Neath. Roll on a quiet few months with no disasters or hiccups, eh?
    On a lighter note, the new computer is still baffling, the new stove even more so. Still, I’ll get there!
    Love to you and yours, and of course to all bloggers, especially Kirsten. How are you doing, Kirsten?

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