I have been practicing I WILL SURVIVE.
I’ve re-written the words so that when I stand up on MARCH 26th in CROYDON to celebrate being sixty and old I will be slick and well oiled.
I am having to write some jokes for the evening.
I am having to write some treatments for the radio.
I am having to get my chapters ready for my book.
I am having to read more books than Mad Mick for LBC.
And I have been recovering from the absence of the old git for three weeks. You would think, wouldn’t you that after thirty three years of marital blitz I could get along very well without him.
Well I can but I do not like it so let that be the end of it.
I did FUNNY WOMEN on Sunday night. I was taught a magic act by FAY PRESTO.
I don’t remember it but it went down well. I may do some of it in Croydon. I have been told somebody wants to book me in May to do it again. I kid you not. Magic now already!

To darling Soryl Angel, your box has just arrived.
I can’t wait to open it. I’m hoping there’s a quilt inside. I’m writing this on my blog so that anyone who actually wants to make you famous can order one of your best quilts in the world.
I have been down. Cyber bullying is insidiously hellish. When somebody attacks you, who doesn’t know who, who thinks they have a right to lay into you just because you don’t agree with them, its the lowest form of communication. An issue that should be adressed. If this is 21st Century communication bring back the quill is all can say..
The fact that I am on the radio, or the telly, the fact that I write a public blog does not make it open season for any body to be an abusive bully. It matters little whether the victim is a celebrity, a teacher or a child. It hurts. Children have commited suicide over it.
Teachers have had nervous breakdowns because of it.
Today we discussed homophobic bullying in school with children as young as 10 being physically and mentally abused. My callers, of which there were many, were more forgiving than they ought to have been. All agreed that the loudest noise often came from the weakest of vessels who could not accept differences in people.
Standing by who you are, believing in your own truth can be hard. If there is no negotiating with the truth then who is to say whose truth is the most truthful.
Is it not better to have the debate?
It took many of you ages before you called in, I know why. Revealing yourself in a climate of fear, sharing your truth in a climate of anger, exposing your vulnerabilty in a society that requires you to be like them is not easy.
I applaud every one of you for having the bollox to speak to me today. And I thank all of you who have been there for me in the last few weeks. Dear Soryl Angel I’m fine, but I’m not opening my box until my birthday.
I am trying to write more regularly, forgive my absence, it’s all about quarts and pint pots at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Intolerance”

  1. Chin up Jeni. Bullies are nothing more than nasty small minded people who back down if they’re challenged. They seem to think the anonymity of the internet makes it alright to carry on the way they do. Ignore them, that’s all they deserve.
    I don’t always agree with your views but I always enjoy hearing or reading them. What a boring place the world would be if everyone thought the same. Please don’t stop being you Jeni!
    I’ll look forward to reading your blog when you have time to write. Best wishes for your birthday and your show.

  2. Hi Jeni, I think you have a good point there; cyber-bullying is a big problem. An old problem with a new guise, allowing anonymous faceless folks to threaten and intimidate. Thank God there is a delete button and I hope you use it liberally. There are platforms for theses people and if they want things changed they should focus on the politicians.
    Teflon, Jeni, teflon! Your friends and admirers are still here and will be here when this all blows over.
    love from hamburg, Glenn

  3. Hi Jeni, you won’t remember me but you and I were in Pembury hospital in 1983 awaiting our babies! I remember you saying you couldn’t possibly go into labour without your lipstick on! It sounds like you are doing great work now, although what led me to your blog was a review of Market Kitchen. Definitely not a patch on your GFL years. Good luck in the future.

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Cyber-bullying, huh? Nasty! Can also stop you taking full advantage of all that blog sites and forums have to offer. Its a way of small-minded people taking power.
    Nothing much we can do to protect ourselves. Shame!

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