Cold Comfort

The cold air is winding its way around my calves.
I’ve put the washing on, Jim’s jacket smells of bonfires and has grass stains all over it.
I found one sock still stuck in my boot. How annoying is that?
I watched so many films over the weekend I don’t know whether I am in Berlin or 1978.
I went to see ‘Avenue Q’ tonight – its sweet. American voices, puppets and smoochy transatlantic music. The girl next to me spread over two seats and her crutch got in the way. It was a grey, metal standard NHS one.
I had a cup of soup with the agent and after the theatre set off to the end of end of term party in a a big bar.
The noise.
The small black dresses.
The booze.
The youth.
I came, I went, I squandered…. too much of my time.
It’s 23.54 and I need to get into bed before I completely freeze, the wind has now whipped up to my thighs.

On Sunday I had some healing.
Psychic surgery, it turned out.
I feel like I have been kicked by a herd of galloping horses.
I had to take the train from Tunbridge Wells, no driving for two days.
Now I have no keys to my post box – left them in the cottage.
Bags next to my bed – at home.
Books, dairies, all in East sussex.
I was experimenting with trying to travel to work from East Sussex, daily.
I dont think it’s going to work.
I go over this time after time. I would save so much money
I’m driving myself nuts.
A big deep breath and I really must go to bed my midriff and toes have got frost bite.
Tomorrow and tomorrow comes on at a petty pace.
I interviewed 4 Poofs and a Piano today.
They are lovely.
They miss Johnathon Ross and so do I.
Tomorrow I am interiewing Richard branson. I think.
That’s it. my left buttock has frozen solid to the seat.
Good night.

2 thoughts on “Cold Comfort”

  1. Hi Jeni
    It has been such a long time since i have left any messages, just wanted to say to you and all the bloggers. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am working christmas day and most of the night, the joys of being a nurse i suppose, but will be lovely, i always enjoy it and think the kids will be too interested in their presents to miss me! Glad things are going so well for you. Lots of messages on the UKTV website, everyone misses GFL still. Take care. Kerri xx

  2. Hi Jennie, I have only just discovered this site. I stopped watching food programmes when GFL was taken of air. It did not occur to me to google your name until now so that is why I have not added my comments about the programme planners taking your show off. I wish they would give you another series perhaps even changing the format sightly, if they have to, so long as site resembles the GFL as it was.

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