Undecided of Battersea

8.41. on a frosty morning.
I’ve watered the window boxes on the balcony. Should have put on shoes my feet are freezing.
The river looks lovely all the houseboats outside the flat have Christmassy decorations which twinkle at night.
I am so busy at the moment, don’t know whether I’m coming or going especially since I can’t make up my mind which route to take to get to work. At the moment Clapham Junction seems to be the favourite.
A walk, a little train ride then another walk over Waterloo Bridge through Charing Cross and there I am in Leicester Square.
Two more shows and its the festive break.
I want Jim and I to have a tiny away day with maybe a little sun but can I decide where to go?
Please help me.
Where would you send me and the old git for four days in January. I await your thoughts.
have a good day.

4 thoughts on “Undecided of Battersea”

  1. Madeira – it’s not going to be hot but it will be warm & probably sunny and not too long a journey.
    Alternatively, Cyprus or the Red Sea resorts. I have a feeling that any hotter will be too long a journey

  2. Hallo Jeni
    I want to thank you for today’s show, the section about feeling an orphan.
    By the time I was 26 I had lost both my parents but still had my beloved sister. When she died that’s when I felt like an orphan. I kept telling myself not to be so dramatic, I was an adult after all.
    I too have been fiercely independent and find it almost impossible to ask for help of any kind.
    So today I had some insight into why I have been like this, thanks to you and the brave people who phoned you.
    I really liked the idea of writing a letter and then burning it, I feel I need to let go of some of my anger and this would be a way of doing just that.
    People ring you Jeni because you are so easy to talk to, you make people feel comfortable. I think in the great scheme of things you were meant to be exactly where you are at this moment, helping others.
    So thank you.
    With love

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