Thursday came and went.

Yesterday exhausted me.
One day off and I get all rusty.
I managed a 30 minute run this morning. Up to the Buddah and back.
The trees shedding the last of their leaves. I nearly caught a big crispy sycamore leaf, heard my self moan when it flew into my hands and out again.
I’m told it’s lucky to catch a falling leaf. Why?
The show was fine. I wonder whether James Whale is gunning for me or whether it’s all an act?
Acupuncture tonight and I am absolutely cream crackerd. I have to write my opening for Radlett but I can’t keep my eyes open.
Ali, my stage manager dropped off my prop box, Shakeel, my dress maker, came by with my little red floaty number and Bee went home all ill and earachy. There are loads of bugs flying around take care you don’t bump into one.
The Celebrity Jungle debacle limps onwards.
Life’s too short to spend time watching such crap.
As for Mombai – my heart breaks.
I think it’s time for a global effort for Peace otherwise the young loonies who are killing on behalf of their God will destroy us all.
Tomorrrow I’m interviewing John Barrowman, he seems like a lovely chap. That will brighten mine and your day.
sleep well

5 thoughts on “Thursday came and went.”

  1. You know, John Lennon was right, Give peace a chance.
    I thought in all big religions there was some command or other against killing. Thou shalt not kill, yeah?
    Maybe churches, mine included, should just get back to the Bible. As I recall God is against killing. Unlike his followers.

  2. We have clients who live in Mumbai – very scary – everyone is okay so far. But agree with you – cannot understand what this hopes to achieve. Meantime, trust everything goes well for tomorrow – shame I couldn’t get a ticket but if you go countrywide maybe I’ll join your travelling support group!! Lots of love and knock ’em dead!! Lyn xxx PS – hope Beth gets better!

  3. Think James Whale is an act!! But don’t listen because I am working!
    Have’nt replied for a long time because… !!
    Celebrity Jungle is crap and am personally never ill but not feeling 100%.
    PS Am running a school of 300 children and a staff of 50+ (and that includes cleaners, cooks, caretakers etc!) But I am having a ball! Am sure you will be fine!

  4. Hallo Jeni
    Great show! I loved it!!
    It was like spending an evening in with a dear friend talking over old times, real cosy. If only I could have worn my jim jams (as my children use to call them).
    Wonderful to see the dungerees at last, I can definately see why you are so fond of them.
    I loved the outfits and you looked FAB.
    The family didn’t look bad either! It’s so obvious you are a close and loving family. I wish you all peace health and happiness.
    Thanks Jeni for a lovely evening.
    Love June

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