Today we discussed how to look after elderly parents.
It always makes me wonder what I did with any money I had if, at this stage of my life, I can’t put my mother up in a 5 star hotel with all the trappings. But my relationship to money is a bit like a bear with its paw in the honey pot. If its there I have to eat every last sticky bit and then get my paw stuck.
It became clear that community vanishing means that we are too darned scared now to help each other out.
What have you got to lose. You may end up with a bag of doileys, some home made madeira cake and a hug.
Go on you know you want to.

3 thoughts on “Adoptagran”

  1. Your life doesn’t get any calmer, does it?
    I did write a few days back, but somehow the comments never appear. Not just mine, when it gives the link I click happily at it, but the comments from your family of bloggers never appear.
    Maybe it’s this doddering old computer.
    Adopt a gran? Thats a fab idea! A lady in my chapel was 96 last Thursday. The party was a 3 day event and people came from all over the world. A grandson from New York, a niece from Australia, hoards of grand-children and great grand-children from all over the U.K. and a smattering of relatives from Europe. The lady in question had a whale of a time and looked absolutely brilliant on Sunday. Her family looked wrecked!
    She’s 51 years older than me, but by heck, she’s a sight fitter!

  2. Hallo Jeni
    First, no it’s not your computer Rhianon it happens to me too.
    Jeni I’m looking forward to Saturday will the “dungerees” be there too?
    Your looking fab darling judging by the photo with Keith Allen, so whatever you’re doing must be working for you.
    Love June

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