It’s another Saturday Night

So Radlett came and went – a bit like life really.
All that preparation and before you could say ‘Dim those house lights please.’ it was all over.
The stage manager didn’t make it, the agent didn’t make it, the film maker didn’t make it, the best friend didn’t make it. But 300 lovely audience members braved the cold night and drove all the way to Hertfordshire, sat in an unforgiving auditorium and reminded me why I was given a big mouth.
The ‘oosbind was So supportive, the daughter and extended family were wonderfully truss like, the experience was another massive shift in my learning curve.
After tonight I may be able to process it a bit more.
I have to be up early to be taken on a tour of Leicester Square and the new LBC studio, so I won’t stop now. But I promise I will tell you about the xperience tomorrow.
night night.

1 thought on “It’s another Saturday Night”

  1. dear jenny, just to say why dont you make another good food live programme there are a lot of us that miss you on tv with your sense of humour and quick ad lib we loved gfl, now that market kitchen is on a rarley watch the cooking channel any more. a few of us have posted messages on the gfl message board for you to see if you want. Hope you will come back soon. Jackie

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