Bedroom antics

When I interviewed TARELL ALVIN McCRANEY last week I had no idea I was in the presence of genius.
THE BROTHERS SIZE and IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER are two plays about young black people. Their relationships, using Yoruba myths, movement, music, theatricality, poetry, are played out with poise and power.
I went to see ‘Red and brown Water’ last night to quell my excitement.
I went to see the ‘Brothers Size’ as an antidote to all the excitment today. Brothers Size was as rivetting as Mr. Obama. Both brilliantly rivetting.
As Barak Obama’s fate was played out on my little telly screen so the slipknot of Mr. McCraney’s dialogue lingered in my mind. The lilting melody of the Southern States of America. Where, not surprisingly the Republicans held their power.

I watched the fist part of the election from my armchair. Lolling over the arms and keeping up my energy with fish balls and Rooibosh tea. By midnight I had de-camped to my bed.
I lay all night watching the bitty international reports with the Older Dimbleby doing his upper-crust stuff. I sat bolt upright at 4.00 a.m. as it became clear that the ‘skinny man with a funny name’ was about to take the prize. At 5.00 a.m. I was fully awake, by 5.30 I was blubbing into my fizzy vitimin c drink. By 6 I was drowsy by 7.45 I was up and showered and into LBC to interview Steve Coogan the man of a thousand voices.
He was a charming guest.
It’s now nearly 1a.m. I’m tired but elated that the world now has its first African American President.
I’m thrilled that he is real, is going to buy a puppy for his daughters at the White House and totally relieved that the greedy old order are having to lick their wounds.
I do not want to hear talk of war, money markets, poverty, violence, and ineptitude for a very long time. Mr.Obama has been charged with helping up the Yankee cripple from its knees.
I am optimistic enough to believe that this time he may just do it.
well done them

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