The night before tomorrow.

It’s not the politics of envy but a fear that achievments are only ever described in pounds, shillings and pence, not to mention the yankee dollar.
Lewis Hamilton stands to be the first ever Billion Dollar sportsman.
One Billion dollars for a boy who drives a car round a track. No it isn’t any more complex than that. Yes he’s a 23 year old role model but worth one billion dollars? I don’t think so.
As homeless people treck miles, barefoot, to hide from death and find a life away from the killing fields, and as we await the outcome of the American Election, a single car driver stands to rake in more dosh than the Gross National Product of the Democratic Republic of the Congo – cockeyed values if you ask me.
And tonight, November 3rd, I dare to believe that Obama will get in.
As the old order totters before our eyes like a drunken sailor, replacing anxiety and fear with optimism and courage must be the only way forward.

Today I was interviewed by Channel Five for my opinions on Ross and Brand. Yet more money talk.
I had missed my breakfast as I started the day in the dentists chair. My mouth wide open, unable to comment, as my wonderful dentist glued back my gold tooth. So I dribbled on my bib instead as the tooth-man wished the American Election was just a post-script on todays news.
But it cant be, I would have said if I could have, we are inextricably linked with the United States.
By the time I had finished spouting off about the Branding of Ross I had missed my lunch, my reading time and my moment. I was too hungry to tick off Mr. James O’Brien who was his normal rude self.
The interview went on much longer than any of us had expected so I started todays show with a big baked potato and huge portion of beans plonked in front of me. I hope you couldn’t hear me nibbling on my spud with dreamy tomato topping.
This evening I have had my fill of money talk. So tired of a persons worth being counted out in coins.
So tired of success being counted out in dollar bills. Lewis Hamilton is a role model because he focussed on his dream then attained it not because he will become a bill board for yet more mobile telephones.
Teaching young people to achieve for the sake of achievement must be the way forward.
The fraying of our society is a direct result of an embarrassment in having values. Not puritanical, tight-arsed values. But a rule book based on respect.
Tomorrrow will be either the most exciting day in history or yet more of the same.
We await the outcome.

3 thoughts on “The night before tomorrow.”

  1. Jeni you are so right ….
    we need to step away from the dollar fear.
    Please God that will start to happen tomorrow.
    But the other side of that coin is this sad prophecy.
    “It only takes one redneck and one bullet.

  2. And what an outcome it has been – more than we could have hoped for. This first time voter is overwhelmed and weeping at the mere mention of what we have been part of. Hope springs and I have cancelled the moving van.

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