Lesley Douglas.

I am sad that Lesley Douglas has resigned from radio 2.
I am sad that it came to this.
I am amazed at the backlash. Yes I think it’s time all broadcasters everwhere, including myself, are made responsible for everything that comes out of our mouths.
I feel sorry for Mr. Ross’s family. I feel sorry for Mr.Sachs.
I do not feel one iota of sympathy for the grandaughter in question. I think she’s milking it for all it’s worth.
I think it has been a media circus. The heir aparent Sleezy Cameron is having a-holier-than-thou field day.
We must be wary that the right wing Puritans don’t silence real humour, real debate, real daftness.
I accept that what the BOYS did – and I use that word advisedly – was crude and childish.
Maybe they had to be made an example of. Maybe we’ll go back to real humour not schoolboy smut. But not for the lovely Lesley Douglas to be made to resign.
Yet another male skirmish where women pay the price. As always the casualty of idiot boys indulging in rough and tumble results in the innocent suffering.

5 thoughts on “Lesley Douglas.”

  1. Hey Jeni
    You are so right, I too am amazed at the backlash, I don’t agree with what was done but I think it has been blown out of all proportion, whilst the show was on air, only 2 people complained, but since the newspaper article, the endless clips on TV it has risen to 30,000 it’s ridiculous another case of people jumping on the bandwagon.
    Mind you on the positive side at least it has kept the flamin credit crunch off the front pages!
    Love Marmite xx

  2. I agree – storm in a teacup! Maybe as Gambaccini suggested on Radio 5 this morning, Ross can use his 3 month suspension to learn how to do radio broadcasting properly …! Yes – Lesley Douglas resignation is a real loss to radio broadcasting. And what was Gordon Brown doing weighing in like that? Did he really think it might garner him some support and make people rethink his reputation as a prudent man? The teacup storm also elbowed the Pakistan earthquake from the front pages – but then again that’s nothing new is it? Far away people’s (especially those with non-white skins) disasters never quite mean the same thing…

  3. It is disgusting that Ms Douglas was forced to resign, even though we are told she left by herself.
    (OK I have a tower in Paris to sell you)
    But I have a funny feeling that this will turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to MS Douglas…

  4. Hi Jeni,
    I’m sorry Lesley Douglas resigned but I don’t agree that it’s been totally blown out of proportion. They apparently broadcast their “prank” calls having been refused permission by Mr. Sachs which to me just shows the arrogance of the people involved. I didn’t listen to the show but having heard about the incident on the news I was offended and disgusted that my license fee was funding rubbish like that. I don’t think that makes me a bandwagon jumper, just someone who expects higher standards of the BBC.
    I appreciate that everyone’s idea of what is funny is different but I don’t think that courtesy and respect should be sacrificed for it. We’re talking about calls to a 78 year old man after all.

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