Sweet nothings

Two sweet potatoes in the oven.
One sweet man coming to the flat with my new dungarees and red dress.
One sweet acupuncturist who has calmed me down for tomorrow.
Hundreds of sweet calls, messages & texts from people wishng me well.
A thousand sweet butterflies in my stomach.
A million sweet blessings to you all for your support.

11 thoughts on “Sweet nothings”

  1. Darling Jeni, have a WONDERFUL time tomorrow night. Wish I could be there, will be thinking of you. Hugs, Kirsten.

  2. Dear Jeni,
    have a blast tomorrow night. Be witty and honest and brave – just be you; you’re all those things and more. And enjoy yourself – you really deserve it! love from Hamburg, Glenn

  3. Dear Jeni,
    Some of us will be there and others are too far away to make the trip but you know that every one of us wishes you well.
    Chrissie x

  4. Go get em grrrrlllllll, wish I could be there, feel the positive vibes coming your way from all of us.
    xxxFee xxxxxx

  5. Best wishes for a great night, Jeni. Hope it’s a fun night for you, as I’m sure it will be for the audience. Only wish I could be there. Kick off the shoes if they hurt, the audience won’t mind.
    Break a leg!! xx

  6. Well now, for all you folks who wanted to be at Jeni’s show on friday and could not make it let me tell you that you missed a damn good show. It was full of this lovely kid’s wonderfully honest and outspoken chat about her experiences throughout her career. I was my usual heckling self in the front row and thoroughly enjoying the event. I even met the long suffering old git Jim and have to tell you this Leeds lad is also great. Thanks Jeni – you were wonderful.

  7. Jeni, I used to work with your Mum in Borehamwood back in the 70s. She always talked about you. My she was proud. Can see her now sitting in that library.

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