On the last day of September

My feet are stuck in four-inch-high-brown- sequinned-shoes.
My feet have grey socks on as well the shoes, the better to stretch them.
My hands are freezing.
My legs are swathed in white and blue pyjama trousers.
My torso is covered in a horrible grey cardigan that is loose and comfortable.
My hair is out of its band.
My head is full of ache.
I have hung the washing, turned on the heating and walked round the flat to break in the four-inch-high-brown-sequinned-shoes.
I’m hungry and tired.
As soon as the clock strikes I am going to bed.
Roll on Friday.

3 thoughts on “On the last day of September”

  1. Oh wish i could make the ‘audience with’ but cant 🙁 – any chance they might show on tv or release on dvd at a later time ??? for all us jeni fans who couldn’t make it! – wishing you all the best – and thanks for the tip re socks n stretching shoes i now know what to do when i buy new shoes for nieces wedding in december! – hugs to you and him indoors! Cathy xx

  2. What was the name of the Turkish restaurant in Dalston which you mentioned a couple of days ago? I’m dying to go there – sounds great. Love the show!

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