In harms way

There are moments in life that stay with you forever.
The first embrace under dripping beech trees in Wales 32 years ago when the old-git looked like Paul Newman and I looked like Natalie Wood.
Th moment the child looked up and said ‘Mummy I don’t need you to give me money I’ve got a job pulling pints in a bar.’
The moment Little Richard dedicated a snog to me back in the day.
And today when I met Sean Hogan and his wonderful wife, they assumed different names the better to keep their secret and not endanger their life.
Forty odd years ago, when Sean was 8, he was arrested, abused, abandoned, incarcerated and finally suicidal.
He met his wife on a flight of stairs in Blackpool, 24 years later, after a call from the Irish Polioce, he revealed his life over a period of two years., a site for ghostwriters, revealed MICHAEL CAMERON, who listened to Sean and helped him write his story.
Beautifully crafted, painfully honest and horrific in its detail, it is one of those books that remains in the consciousness.
They had never been interviewed before, they both shook, we all cried, and by 4.00 I understood what the power of REAL love means.
bo to and get yourself a copy of IN HARMS WAY.
to be cont….

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  1. Hi Jeni
    Just tried booking tickets online for your show again but getting the same message:
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    Either you’ve sold out (hurrah for you!) or the theatre’s booking system is up the creek (more likely).
    Tell ’em to get their finger out (not being able to make an online booking can’t be good for business!)

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