Acupuncture 4 me

My eye lids feel like saucepan lids.
My legs feel like lead.
Mr brain feels like blancmange.
I had more needles in me than a porcupine.
I am now ready for bed.
Ooee! but I do so like your comments, all of you.
don’t worry about me I am as fit as a fiddle and practically bang in tune.
night night

6 thoughts on “Acupuncture 4 me”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Has been ages since i last left you a message. Would like to say we are all well, but lifes not like that sometimes is it. My son may have to undergo a serious operation in london, had CT scan today, just waiting for the results, he is only 17 so is a bit nerve racking to say the least. My other half is going for an MRI scan tomorrow and my dads just found out he is going blind! So i bliming need some good luck and happy vibes sent my way. On the subject of pills, not to be too dramatic, i would be dead if i didnt take mine, so they do work, but i fully understand why you want to not take medication. Happy Easter to you and all the bloggers, hope its a good one! Take Care xx

  2. Hi Jeni, Sorry you’ve been a bit poorly, and love and thoughts to Kerri, Kirsten & Marmite. We’re a duff lot aren’t we???
    I won’t be able to blog for a few days sooooo…….
    Loads of luv to all xx

  3. Sending positive vibes your way Kerri, stick with it. Kirsten as well – hope you’re OK. And David – why don’t you become a volunteer? It will get you out and about and get you meeting people.
    Jeni, really glad your broadcasting career is taking off, you’ve taken to it like a duck to water, go grrlll. Hope you have a lovely Easter break.Luv n hugs xxx Fee

  4. Hello Jenny. I’m travelling the world at the moment – been across Russia and Mongolia and China and all that malarky. Wherever I’ve had an internet connection I’ve been listening to your show religiously. Thank you for helping stave off the homesickness!

  5. Hi Jeni – long time no blog. Life has been very hectic with me but I have read your blog when I could and it has cheered me up when life has seemed a bit down. Sorry to hear about your high blood sugar but good on you for sorting it out yourself. Listen to the doctors but if you can manage without medication so much the better. Since I last wrote I have become a grandmother for the second time, seen my son through a marriage separation and enjoyed the elation of my youngest daughter’s engagement and marriage plans – talk about a roller coaster and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!
    So glad you are feeling so upbeat. I still watch your GFL programmes on my video recorder – cheers me up no end. Haven’t managed to catch your radio show due to work commitments but hope to catch it one day soon.
    Keep healthy and happy and keep blogging. Happy Easter to you and all your family
    Love Jenny B

  6. Hello Kerri, I just want to say you certainly have been given a lot to carry….my thoughts are with you this Easter…if LUCK could be sent by email, I would send a tiny drop to you…that’s all you need to help face the comeing months…
    God Bless..Ann

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