OK Thursday

OK Thursday is the day before Good Friday.
It is cold, wet and completely unspring like.
This morning I had to wear my gloves when I was running.
Little black things they are, which grow when you put your fingers in.
I had my keys in one hand and my clock in the other all clutched neatly in my palm as I ran past the river..

When I got to St. Mary’s Church I ran round the gravel path – standing on the church steps was a big goose. Orange beak and deliciously big webbed feet.
The goose looked at me, I looked at her and we parted company.
Ten minutes later, on the way back the goose had waddled onto the lawn by the boats.
She looked at me, I looked at her and we parted company.
I think it was a goose, for all I know it was a Canadian gander, but whatever we had a moment.
I interviewed the delightful BRIAN TURNER this morning, made me miss all my foodie chums.
GFL has faded into the past . Five years of food, five years of daily live telly, it all seems like a little bit of a dream. Brian, however, was as real as bunions.
I am doing the food show on April 6th, along with Manju Mahli, who has brought out a new cook book with a cd thrown in for atmosphere. It should be fun.
I am also sitting in on May 10th, but I dont know anything about the show yet.
I enjoyed todays show. We discussed forgiveness.
The level of discussion was as thought provoking as ever.
Enough now though, I want to take my clothes off, put on my jim jams, make a stir fry, settle down with Jimbo and watch some telly. Tomorrow I’m off to the cottage for a bit of r&r, no not rest and relaxation but a bit of rhythm and roots.
if I don’t get to a pooter befor Sunday HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER and may your eggs be fertile.

9 thoughts on “OK Thursday”

  1. Dear All,
    I hope you are all getting better. We’re a fragile lot, aren’t we?
    Don’t fret too much about taking drugs, Jeni. If you have to, well, you have to. Better that than get sick.
    It’s been a funny old month. Last year I think I told you about an incident with one of the ladies from the day centre. (She’d creased us all up with a comment about ‘you scratch my arse….’ instead of ‘back’,) well, last month the drs found she was sick and last week she died. The centre has been so still and quiet these last few days, you wouldn’t believe it. I wish I could tell you some of the things she said during the times I worked with her. You’d laugh your socks off. She was fab. She was incredible at finding the funny side of everything. I’ll have hilarious memories of her. Also some great photos of us all. Yeah, a real treat to know, she was.
    It’s a sad time for us, but also a celebratory time when we can revel in our luck at having her in our lives.
    Hope your Easter/ Passover celebrations bring you and your God joy.
    Happy Birthday for next week, Jeni.
    Love to you all, Rhianon. xx

  2. Dear all
    Just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone for the lovely kind comments. It cheered me up no end! Thankyou again. Hope you all and especially Jeni have a lovely Easter. Take Care Kerri xx

  3. Hi Jeni
    Just thought I’d say “Happy Easter” to you and your family. I still devour your blog and listen, when I can, to your weekday show,which is great. However, it will be lovely to have you back on the food show on 6th April – it’s firmly fixed in my diary! Take care, Prestwich Sue

  4. Hi Jeni
    GFL hasn’t faded into to the distance on the UKTV Food website, there are still lots of posts wanting you back!
    Wishing you, the family and all the Barnett Blogers a Happy Easter
    Love Marmite xx

  5. jeni hello – don’t like to intrude, and i’m hoping you won’t think it’s totally inappropriate to contact you personally via this website – just need to tell you some sad news and haven’t any other way of letting you know (maybe the site owner can lift this message off and pass it to you without pubishing it) – it’s hard to believe, but our lovely vic has died, suddenly and without prior warning, from a heart attack, last friday 14.3. he was 57
    i couldn’t let this pass without contacting all those i can find who had loved him in some way, some time or other, i know jim knew him too so i think this must be ok, well as ok as it can be…
    we all remember the short time (months only?) we had to know you all those years ago, it was a great moment when he brought you home to meet us, we loved you straight away, and still talk often about that time with love and joy – i hope i haven’t made you too sad today, just wanted to let you know so i can feel as though i’m honouring his life as much as I can, but I hope you’ll think of us for just a moment while we’re coming to terms with the loss of this wonderful gentle fantastic soul
    lots of love

  6. Hi Jeni
    Happy birthday for the 24th, hope you enjoy your day. Love listening to you on the radio, it must be quite challenging to deal with so many different subjects every day. Still miss you on the TV.

  7. Happy Easter Jenny, hope you have a nice relaxing Long Weekend with the family.
    Looking forward to hearing you soon on LBC.
    Everyone i know still misses GFL, Market Kitchen is still as rotten as ever. None of the presenters are a patch on our Jenny B.
    AL xx

  8. Hi Jeni!
    I hope you did have an okay Thursday, and then a good Friday. I hope your Saturday was even better, and that your Sunday was super. And for Monday I wish you all the best of days – enjoy it. We’ll be celebrating as it’s Maarten’s birthday too. And then only 2 more days until our new friends (Rosi and Pablo) from Spain arrive. We can’t wait.
    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wishing you health and happiness.
    love from Hambirg,

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