Sugar and Spice and all things nice

For those of you who heard Steve Allen go on about my blood sugar level,let me tell you that the idea of taking drugs is beyond the pale.
I have taken myself in hand and cut out every bit of sugar I can find.
All raw food till I can stabilise my body.
An egg here a bit of mackeral there.
Lots of water and loads of proper suppliments.
The whole sugar thing started with my father and ended with my medical last week.

I went to see a perfectly respectable allopathic doctor, so respectable I had to take out a second mortgage.
The results came through and mostly I am very well but for my sugar which hit the ceiling.
I had to admit to eating a huge fry up before going in for all my tests, so I shouldn’t have been surprised at the result.
The response though, from orthodox medicine is always the same.
I refused, point blank.
I called my acupuncturist who talked me down and gave me my first treatment to get me back on track.
I called my homeopath who reminded me that diabetes is a stress related illness and given that I am still learning a knew craft, at the ripe old age of 148 , its not surprisng that I am a little stressed out.
My darling little roomie Di, has a diabetic sister.
Di took me under her wing.
Gave me a little gadget that shoots a needle into my finger end, releases some of my life fluid, then she showed me how to put one tiny droplet on a stick, bung it into the said gadget and read the amount of glucose in my system.
It was high, then it wasn’t.
It was low, then it wasn’t.
Today it is perfectly normal and I am delighted that in such a short time I have regulated my own body without the need to panic, take drugs or become a victim.
Had I listened to the doctor, Steve Allen or the diabetic nurse who frightened the life out of me, I would now be necking something that is out of my control and totally alien to my philosophy.
I do take this condition seriously which is why I want to keep it under my control not hand it over to anybody else.
I do not blame my father for my genetic dispostion, nor do I feel the need to harangue myself for eating totally inappropriate foods.
What I do feel is a trembling elation at the speed with which the body repairs itself.
This morning I took myself , out in the rain, for a 20 minute run.
I have been unable to really go for it since insulting my ankle, back in December, but I have apologised to my soft tissue for being so offensive and off I went.
The air smelled of wood smoke and damp grass.
I ran past the little yellow primroses.
I ran past the yellow celandine, which always make an appearane at this time of year, some braved the elements, others preferred to stay shut.
I ran past the white aconite, who hung their heads and refused to open their little faces to the rain.
I slid under the gate, the style was just too slippery, and I worked my way through my field, round the farm, up the hill and into the warm kitchen, my bum was still damp from the wet grass, so I walked around till it dried, that’s my bum not the turf.
I then tackled all my admin, watched Tottenham lose ( pooh! ) ran a lavender bath and cleared 139 emails.
There’s nothing like a shock to the system to get the system back on track.
I don’t normally write on a Sunday but the white clematis, on the cottage wall, is so lush, and the day has been so positive I just felt the need to share it with you.
For those of you who want to know the symptoms of high blood sugar here goes:
For me it was tiredness, irritabilty, waking at 4.00am, itchy ankles and horrible skin.
I’m told by Di that symptoms vary person to person and sometimes they don’t even present themselves.
So for my proper doctors I say thank you for detecting it, but to myself I say WELL DONE for dealing with it.
Sugar and spice and all things nice now have to be regulated, a small price to pay at my age.
Talk to me you bloggers you, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from a lot of you.
Thank you for being there
have a good week.
talk 2morrer.

7 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and all things nice”

  1. Hi Jenny
    I love listening to you, and enjoyed watching you on GFL for years, BUT I am a little concerned about you.
    I understand your reluctance to take drugs – but what on earth are you going to do if find that over time the ability to control your blood sugar yourself does not work?
    There are some medical conditions that no matter what the persons beliefs are eventually unable to be controlled without medical intervention or by diet alone, and more often than not diabetes is one of them.
    Please, please do not cut your nose to spite your face. The long term effects of uncontrolled diabetes can be terrible, deterioration in your eyesight, kidney problems, circulation problems to name but a few.
    My 50 year old sister is a newly diagnosed diabetic – showing many of the same symptoms you did for over 18 months – she tried for over six months to control things herself – and although there was a short term improvement, sadly it did not work and now has to take 1 tablet a day. My sister reluctantly agreed to take it, and it is no exageration to say it has changed her life, her eyesight has improved, but will never return to what it was, she has more energy and now looks so much healthier.
    By all means try things your way for a while, but please do not let your body be irreverisbly damaged just because of a principal.
    There are times when medicine is the only real alternative
    Good luck – sorry to rabbit on, think your great
    tessieh xxxxx

  2. Hi jenny. It’s also worth cutting down on foods made with white flour as that too gets turned into blood sugar very quickly. A book – the diet delusion. By gary taub is a real eye opener !

  3. Hi Jeni
    Sorry hav’nt written in a while, but have been keeping up with your blog…great as always:) We still miss not seeing you on the goggle box.
    I can sympathise with your sugar problem as am in a similar situation. Got to keep the sugar levels down as low as poss! and watch the weight. I do have to take drugs! for the thyroid though, which I’m told is unavoidable. Other than that ‘be good to myself’
    That doesn’t mean to say I don’t have to odd bit of chocolate and a regular curry..sorry but there is a limit!!! Life would not be worth living without the of bit of sin.
    We are now trying to get fit for a sponsored cycle ride Bridgwater to Taunton and back!! in aid of St Margaret’s a local hospice. They have been totally fantastic in the care of my partners sister-in-law, who unfortunately lost her fight early last month. So we thought we’d help out and get fit at the same time. Hopefully, the next time I write I will be purged of toxins and a couple of stone lighter!! Will let you know 🙂
    cu soon

  4. Hi Jeni,
    Just a quick one to say thanks for cheering my lonely days up with the wonderful insight into your life, both in the City and your cottage. Just realised this morning it’s now 2 weeks since I’ve spoken to anyone! I took early retirement on ill health at 50! Lucky? yes, but now I have no identity, no one expects me to turn up for work anymore, and most of my friends and family are too far away or busy working and running their own life. Anyway, nearly Spring & Summer and have decided to take a leaf out of your ‘vast’ book of daily ‘Doings’ brush off the cobwebs and start running again, might even get a partime job (hopefully) things can only get better.
    Take care, David xx

  5. Hi Jeni
    Just wanted to let you know I did MAKE the shopping bags but they were rubbish!
    It bought back memories of my first year in secondary school where we had to make an apron for the cookery lessons we were to have the following term.
    By the time I took it home it had been stitched, unpicked, stitched, unpicked, dropped many times on the floor, stuffed in my desk and generally abused.
    My mother had to pay something like two shillings for this apron and when I bought it home she was mortified that she had actually had to pay for this rag, indeed she said that she had thrown away better rags.
    My father (who made all my clothes) bless him went out and bought a yard and a half of green gingham the same as the apron and made a beautiful apron with my name embroidered on the waistband.
    Unfotunately my father died many years ago so couldn’t help with the bags, I had to go and buy a couple!!
    Hope you are feeling better Jeni.
    Love June

  6. Hi Jeni
    Well done you for taking control, I’m all for alternatives, and as you know I’m a firm believer in positive thinking, loved your blog today it was inspiring.
    Lots of love
    p.s only won $12 in Vegas so unfortunately not enough to get you back on telly where you belong….sorry Jen xx

  7. Hi Jenni,
    We are still here but perhaps you need a rest from some of us!
    You go girl!
    As ever
    Chrissie x x

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